07 September 2008

Work and Play

I go weak for soft serve at Micky Dees....after a long bike ride


I admit it......... I've forgotten what really hard city work is like. It's been so long.
I'm told that being a mover and a shaker is exhausting. I'm quickly finding that out.
And I'm not even shaking.
And now, I'm barely moving.
Feet up. Beer in tow.
Not shaking at all.
Far from it.
Relaxed actually.
But tired from work.

My qualifications as it turns out, span quite a circumference which makes me feel great. Having a role is soul enriching.
I didn't waste any time on that farm of ours because I learned a million things.
Working on the land is so much easier then the city I reckon. Simple. Hahahha.
Grass is always greener on the other side I guess.
At least I had the streams and wildlife and bird calls and the great pool to jump into.
Ahh...... life.
I love the city but I adore the country. I was born to live in the country.
I was only talking to my mum today and we were having a beautiful time reminiscing about our tranquil lives in Australia. Such special moments we'll treasure forever.
Many people are asking me, when I'll see my family.
It was meant to happen already, but it's camping season up north and we're trying to find a good window when all my family will be in town.
Because I don't camp.
And now with my new duties, it might not be until Christmas holidays. But we burn up the phone lines, that's for sure. My mum can really chat!

I do love my new job so much and still can't believe I landed it!
I'm already having a hard time finding time for the blog, and my time management skills are pretty good if I do say so myself. So if I get lazy this week, you know why. Finding a balance will be good for me. More work, less blog.
Writing my blog is not going to replace my 70 G's.
I never expected or wanted it to.
I will.

Tonight I was supposed to go to a huge Philippines Cultural Dance Expo which was to showcase the dances of the country as well as costumes and its culture.
But I can't go because I had a terrible accident/injury at work. I cut my hand in several places and it's a mess. It wasn't my fault which makes it a bit better.
But my mates at work were brilliant and helped me until the bleeding stopped.
I did a temporary plaster job until I could have it seen to properly.
Very rugged indeed. I continued to work until my day ended.
Survival skills.
I sure have em.
And my nurse was the best.
Nurses rock!

I'm so excited to to have been asked to be a 'celebrity' (hahaha... NOT) judge in the Miss Philippines Canada Pageant. Can you believe that? I am soooo excited to have been asked and I hope I'll do a good job. It will take place soon and I'll let everyone know. I'll take lots of pictures and do a slide for the blog. I've already asked the event organizers and they said it would be great. I'm also receiving invitations to different events, some fashion and some social. I haven't gone to any yet. Slowly.
My time is precious now.

So quickly my life is filling up like I had hoped it would. Being in tip top shape really helps me because I really have to be fit for my job. Super fit.
I visit the gym every morning at 630am for a work out.
I run five kilometers and then I do weights.
Working and being healthy was my objective and I've reached it now.
I also love my yoga and stretching.

Thank you to my very special friend Ruby for being so tremendous and kind.
I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow. We are planning another 15 kilometer bike ride, so we're all geared up for some fitness.

Loving Life!
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