22 September 2008

You Can Run DJ Montano.....

guilty, ashamed and in denial, DJ Montano is still hiding in San Fransisco

.........BUT you can never hide from the truth.

It's around every corner.... and in every gay chat room too!
Everyone in San Fransisco knows that Montano is there.
My Queen has a HUGE family in San Francisco.
I'll be there soon, and you KNOW I'll be looking for him.
I already have excellent connections there.
DJ mate, you will never escape your crimes.
I will not rest until you pay me back.
Your family will never see the back of me because of your pre- meditated crimes.
You have stolen from so many people and snorted it all up your nose.
Nothing but a coke addict.
And I also write to many people privately including AIDS organizations to warn them about DJ Montano.
He stole my money, but I will be dammed sure he never does it to another innocent victim who has HIV.

Hi Brian. Just came across your blog. I'm a Filipino man who was raised here in the US and am not familiar with the Philippines society, much less the figures lurking in it. I was in a Gay.com room and someone in San Diego warned the room that DJ was in town. I had no idea who that was and so Googled him and was led to your site. Yikes! Like I said, I have no knowledge of this part of the world but dammit, your blog kept me reading well into dawn. Why? The story is just so unbelievable. And you're a great writer (not to mention attractive. LOL. But I digress). It's like the celebutantes here in LA but with fake fashion. Haha. Hope everything works out for you. That guy's an asshole and deserves the karma he'll get. Anyhow, I'm not a blogger and I never write to any of them but your story really got to me. Like I said, the best to you. BTW, I'm a pharmacist who specializes in HIV so I think there's a lot of connections that attracted me to your blog. If you're ever on Gay.com, my screen name is ******... say hi if you visit the LA, SD, or Orange County room.

I'll definitely be in touch mate!

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