01 November 2008

Aussie Aussie Aussie.. Oi Oi Oi !!!!!

OMG... WHAT the hell is this picture?

: Tim Yap's New Boyfriend?

Message: Hi Brian I love your blog and I hate the people you hate! Haha. Unfortunately I'm in the so-called "circle" of Manila's fashion/entertainment realm and It makes me sick to my stomach just how ridiculous most of these people are.

Anyway, the big Q that got every bee buzzing is: Tim Yap has a new boyfwend?

I’ll go straight to the point:

It all started with this Aussie boy (you read it right AUSSIE) who interned at ABS-CBN Publishing about a couple of months ago. It’s confirmed that he was then the boyfriend of one of API's newest recruit working for Metro/Metro HIM (who?).

Apparently, the juvenile Aussie bloke (early 20’s) has such a knack for free drugs that he left his boyfriend (for Tim) the first chance he got!
How you may ask?

Well he met Tim Yap after the Folded and Hung Street Cast show and they totally hit it off.
Hot and first class insiders (including moi) were there to witness the birth of a new “romance!”

There was no turning back after that night. Of course Tim pounced away without thinking twice! He’s being served white meat and we all know Tim’s fetish for gringos!

So his filthy lady hands couldn’t be tamed!

It is told that the two are now “best pals” (screwing benefits? without a doubt!). The two can be seen everywhere! The poor Aussie bloke sleeps with him in his abode and apparently everywhere else (was he kicked out from his ex’s place? I would, if I was his ex!).

He even stayed with the social climbing Guttierrezzzessss particularly the flamboyant Raymond and Ruffa G and with god knows who else! A white nomad in distress swept away by his knight in rusty armour…a romance made in phony heaven!

This boy from Oz has been accessing all the parties Tiny Tim is attending.
Of course, another perk is the free drugs! So now they are inseparable!

Yet another victim of Tim’s superficial, make-belief "glitzy and glamorous" life filled with alcohol, lies, hypocrisy, freebies and drugs.

Who is he readers????

.......This other 'white' guy....

Aussies make the best lovers... right Tim?

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