01 November 2008

The Good Ol Daze.......

from urban dictionary-
Celine - A really childish and surprisingly manipulative girl. Thrives on immaturity and will never take responsibility for anything, but she's crazy and wild in the sack!

Dear Readers,

Remember when Celine Lopez was important?
The 'IT' girl of Manila?

Lopez and Tinio sharing diet tips.......between their many bathroom breaks

"She's the Paris Hilton of the Philippines" Montano said.... a MILLION and one times before I even met her!

Remember when Celine was THAT thin (see P&P ad)?
A 'model'?
A role model?
Too funny.
A model?
........A Lopez more like it!
Because if Celine were not a Lopez, she would NEVER have been a model, or a 'writer' or anything else, because she has never done anything with her life to prove otherwise.
HELLO!!!! Earth to Celine!

CL...the belle of the .....balls.. Where are the other girls?

Seriously though peeps, I still feel sorry for Celine..... and always will.
Yes she's rich... big deal!
She still has to live with herself.
Who she really is inside her soul.
How she has wasted soooo many opportunities to help others and be a good Lopez, instead of a 'typical' one.
The girl has no conscience.
None whatsoever.
I'm hearing whispers..... and they're getting louder every day.

Yes........ both I'm afraid.
Just a useless vapid party girl/woman who will never learn.
Because she doesn't care.
She has so many role models around her to admire and look up to.
Why should she change?

She may still be the Queen of all things GG.
But I have her crown now.
All tattered and bashed up.
In the bin.

Emily Relucio and Albertito Lopez, super lousy parents for sure!

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