01 November 2008

Montano's Replacement?

Rodriguez, smiling like the Cheshire cat who ate the canary

I'm being told (over and over again, and I don't know why you all think I care), that former child star/semi talented(?) JM Rodriguez is Celine's NEW #1 BFF.
Awwwww, so sweet.
It's the Will and Grace show goes to rehab!
I see all the pictures peeps.
CRAVES to be a 'real' Gucci.
But he has no money.
And that's NOT an illegitimate rumor!
Wow, so many skeletons in those closets.
I don't care who Celine's BFF is.
But this shizz is fun to watch.
From the side lines of course.

Montano HATED Rodriguez,
so this will KILL him.
I always thought JM was a nice guy actually.
But then I heard all this fucked up shit he said about me.
When I was at my most vulnerable.
JM and I share
many friends.
I hear everything.

DJ was SO proud to be Celine's BFF.

He worked like a mother fucker to make sure EVERYONE knew this.
Celine this , Celine that...
I swear for those of you, who do not know, or have never been in the middle of it all,
it's all a big joke.
EVERYONE uses Celine.
Celine plows through her confidants so quickly though, and is often left wondering "what the fuck?".

And Celine (here's a little tip for you love so don't say I never cared)....hanging with
D-Lister's will only confirm your 'new' status in Manila and beyond.

Dignity dear... it's not too late.
I also understand that Celine and DJ are still friends and communicate daily.
This has not been confirmed.
I've always suspected it though.
I'm sure Celine is helping him stay in America.
An accessory.. again.
How else is he doing it?
His family overstayed and could not travel to the USA?
They were banned?
When I forced DJ to go to rehab in America, THAT'S when I found out he could not travel there.
Only after he told me a billion lies.
Unless that was all bullshit too.

How is DJ Celine?

Cuerva (shocking visual) and JM trying to conceal Celine's flabby arms

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