16 October 2008

Boracay Dogs

dog meat being sold openly in the Philippines

Your Name: A. Z.
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Subject: boracay's POOR dogs!!
Message: hi Brian,
my family & I just got back this afternoon from our 1st visit to Boracay. Its a beautiful place but we wondered
why we never saw any single "unleashed" dog in the beaches of Bora & Puka Beach. I had a suspicion that they were rounding them off but i didn't want to know what they were doing to them afterwards... U see, our family are dog lovers!
while I was having a massage at the beach, I decided to ask. I couldn't believe what i heard!! The lady masseur told me that the strays were rounded up at night and thrown in a pit of FIRE!! Gosh, if this is true, this is sooo cruel!!

Pls. investigate with your Bora friends if this is really being done.. i know how u love dogs too. Even if these are stray dogs, they don't deserve to die this way!Please let the whole world and all animal organizations rise up in anger! Bora must find a humane way..
thanks and more power to you Brian!
i am addicted to your blog!

Dear Readers,

I have so much to say on this issue, and I have my very own story.
And people will be shocked and outraged.
Boracay is a very cruel place for dogs.

Yes they are rounded up and killed en mass.
I've seen it with my own eyes.
I've watched a Japanese tourist scream out loud when a boat man bashed a dog across the spine with a huge piece of bamboo. She was visibly shaken.
This happened in front of dozens of tourists having breakfast.

The poor dog screamed out in pain and ran in circles like a mad dog because it was bashed so hard across the spine. It took me days to fully recover.
And that was before my mum and I found a litter of kittens which had just been thrown in a flood lake on the island.
It was tragic.
My um and I were completely devastated.
It was embarrassing, humiliating and very shameful for Boracay.
And this is just one of many of incidents.
People around me could not speak because they were in such shock.
I will tell the complete story.
More later.

But even worse things happen to dogs on Boracay, than being eaten.
I don't think dogs are eaten in the Philippines anymore.
I may be living in denial, but I can't imagine it happening these days.
PLEASE tell me the dog is NOT being eaten in the Philippines.
But being eaten is nothing. it's how the dogs are killed that is so unbelievably insane.
Random machete attacks occur often on Boracay.
It's Boracay's ugly not so secret secret.
My friends Labrador was attacked three times with huge machetes.
One guy cracked the dogs skull.
But he lived, and the owners were distraught. I watched a grown man tremble from the grief. I cried.
It's a very dirty secret, which I'm going to blow wide open on the blog.
When I get home from work...
No question, I'll tell all.
And people from all over the world will protest, because it's horrible abuse and murder!
Just a different type.
And it must stop!

Much more on this later.
I'm going to spill.
I'm off to work.

Live Love Laugh... if you can today.

And God bless every single animal on Earth!
And God dam anyone to hell who abuses them.

Once and for all... are dogs still eaten in the Philippines?

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