16 October 2008

Serious Scoop From GMA

........Cristy Fermin need not apply

Poor Tita Cristy with her donkey

Dear Readers,

This will be my last post on the Vermin.
Unless she gets hit by a bus of course.

One of my spectacular gorgeous insiders let me know the following information fresh off the wires from within the GMA studios.

Cristy Fermin is trying VERY hard to get a job with GMA.
I'm told she is lobbying very HARD and fast.
Desperate was a word being tossed about, I'm told.

Executives were overheard talking (laughing) about the fact that they did not and would not accept her under any circumstances.

I'm told even GMA had a 'heads up' with regards to her 'suspension'.
GMA also does not want any writers from the station who will attack their own artists and talent! And we all know she can't help herself.
It's in her blood.

That's what you get Cristy, when you bite the hand that feeds you.
And by the looks of things honey, you've been eating a shit load of hands!

They were aware
and knew that Cristy would come sniffing around for some pork cracklings eventually.
But the trough at GMA is closed to Cristy as it turns out.
It's just too small for all of her evilness.
And MoTwister and Cristy Vermin could NEVER share the same stage.
Mo is a big man, and he's not daft!

Cristy Fermin's poisoned chalice is not the cup the GMA needs to be drinking out of at the moment.
Battery acid would be a better drop.

Cristy can't have her own showbiz show because The Buzz is in the same time slot every Sunday on Showbiz Central where MoTwister co-hosts.

Will ABS-CBN fire Cristy Fermin for good?
Will anyone else hire her?
We'll see peeps.

The Inaugural Supreme Extreme Awards is happening tomorrow. Please click on the link I've proved and vote for the categories. And Don't forget...for me, it's all about DJ getting 'Villain of the Year'.
Please vote.

Speaking of even more evil.... I can't say anything yet, but there's some moving and shaking going on behind the scenes in blog world.
All will be revealed soon enough.


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What a great blog Benji!

a fantastic witty blog, you'll find on my radar list
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