15 October 2008

Crazy Carlos and Fashion!

I LOVE Project Runway.

Project Runway Philippines is also fantastic.
I watch as much as I can and even follow some discussion threads.
I love fashion.
But I'm not totally ruled by it.
My identity is not woven into it.
It's such a shallow, vapid, fickle, frivolous temperamental industry.
But that's why we love it.
I could write about fashion.
Anyone could really.
It's not rocket science peeps.

Shoes. ..check
Belts.... check
Champagne...check (now, this is something I'll get behind)

I mean come on.....

But it's a Multi BILLION dollar industry, so I'm addicted to it as well.
But after an hour, I yawn and want to read. Small doses for me.
But I always love getting dressed, and I adore buying new things, even though I'm very particular and actually prefer Abercrombie and Fitch fleece gear. Watermelon or tangerine which I plan on buying this payday!
I love everything to do with clothes.
Especially taking them off.

I think it's fantastic that the Philippines had their own version of this great show.

But Imelda Marcos?

Look, I'm not going to freak out here peeps, because you all know how I feel about Imelda Marcos.
This iconic status that she has with young people really disturbs me.
It is what it is though.
And I suspect that it will never change.

And Carlos?
Oh my.
Share your drugs dear!
And by that I mean your happy pills!
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