06 October 2008


Personally I don't think so.
What do you think about this BBC skit?

I don't even get this humor.
This type of English humor flies right over my head.
It always has.
It's so bawdy and crass.
So blatant and obvious.
Where is the humor in this?

I HATE when domestic helpers are portrayed in this way.
It doesn't matter from what country they come from.
It's just so disrespectful I reckon.
But it does bring me to the BBC interview I did months ago.
And now I feel uneasy about things because,


The BBC has my file interview/footage and has yet to find a place for it on a program. I'm told they can file it for use for another future show? The original show took a different direction and did not use our footage. It was more of a drug related program and my part did not fit in. I'm OK about that because I did not get HIV from Drugs. I got it from having unprotected sex with my boyfriend at the time, so it did not blend well with the other three people.

Anyways, it's been so long waiting and I'm frustrated. Although they have been very good to me, I feel a bit pissed off. But I'm still hoping to know soon if it will be used. It was a very emotional time and I'd hate to think I went through that for nothing. I also gave them private photos that I've yet to receive back. They were old style pics which I would need back obviously.
More on this later.

My FAVORITE social activist, Rep. Risa Hontveros speaks out on this issue.

Rep. Risa Hontiveros wants BBC's apology
please click to read

Rep. Risa Hontiveros
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