06 October 2008

Is It Just Me?

Dear Readers,

Everyone knows I'm Kitty Go's #1 fan.
But she's outdone herself lately on her most fantastic blog.
I feel as though I'm travelling with her on her lavish first class journey's.
I WANT to go to her house in France(?)!!!!! Are you listening Mama Kitty?
PLEASE post more pictures of your house!!!!!
Yes, our secrets bind us forever Mama, but a little R and R in Europe never hurts.
See you soon.

Dear Readers,

Have you been reading Victorina Blog/comments lately?
I mean, the blog is on fire.
It just keeps getting better and better.
There's a happening going on there with no velvet ropes.

The last five posts have really started to created some great chatter.
Facts, figures, and some 'never heard before' revelations.
I'm loving Amiel.
It's like super fun school.
I'm also a super huge fan.

Amiel Cabanlig is the high mark above most other Bloggers and for that I'm most pleased as I love reading his blog. He seems to know everyone and everything.

I love reading period.

Having said that, the new issue of Expat Travel and Lifestyle has hit the stands. Please support my article by buying the magazine.
I'm so excited about the next issue as well. It will have a holiday theme and I've already decided what I'll write about. Yes it will be scandalous. Naturally. The truth always is.

I have the BEST news EVER!
But I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet.
Patience peeps.
It really is a virtue.
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