20 October 2008

Heckle Me Once

He's at it again.
Being super naughty.

The best heckler in Manila and one of my favorite bloggers EVER has cracked me up again today with his entry on the Not So Supreme Awards held at Shambassy.
So freaking flipping funny.

I love PH!
Find him on my hit list.

When you've finished reading my rather LONG Sunday entry, go to The Professional Heckler and have a read.
His finger is sooooo on the pulse.
It's extraordinary how he does it.
Why can't others have a combination of both the crazy insane and the deadly serious?
I'm so tired of all the fucking fashion in Manila.
Fashion this, fashion that.
It's makes me want to barf!
NO health care!
No medicine!
No shoes!
It truly makes me ill.

"The Professional heckler, this years winner for Blogger of the Year at the 2008 Philippines Blog Awards has continued to impress his rather large and 'growing every day' readership with clever witty observations and his achingly accurate take on Philippines politics/pop culture and it's policy makers and movers and shakers".

-My own quote, hahahahaha. LOVE IT!

I have to say, they sure chose the right blogger this year.
And apart from some minor grumbles after the awards (sore losers?), the event was a huge success.
I think the forum which opened up on my blog about the awards, came out very much in the favor of the awards themselves.
There was never any question or doubt over the fairness or the winners.
Some people were just upset and needed to vent.
And I let them.
No real harm done.
Overall, it was a good exercise.
And I look forward to the awards again next year.
I was impressed with their Cyber telecast as well.

In fact all of this years winners have been popular on my blog.
I LOVE having so many great blogs listed.
Everyone should have favorite lists and share their readership by promoting events and happening on other people blogs.
It's a young nubile network, and we must all contribute.
Except the fashion blogs of course.
I mean.... UHG!
You will NOT change things with more dresses and shoes.
No matter how delusional you are.......

I'm a true fan of the Heckler.
A super fan!
A mega fan.
An über fan!
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