20 October 2008

Manila's Toxic Slumber

my smoking drinking Boracay phaze/daze...not that long ago.
The best year of my life... so far.


When the blog first started, I was a much different person indeed.
Just a very easy going, normal, regular guy really.
I was a Boracay party boy (no other option, hahaha).
I was also a property owner with a huge life in Australia.
Before 'it' all happened.

The Philippines has changed me though, NOT the other way around.
I've had to learn to fight dirty, almost against my will.
Because the system and people I'm dealing with are very dirty themselves.
In some cases, FILTHY dirty!

The Philippines will change anyone who gets emotionally involved with it. If you go into battle with any nations shortcomings, prepare for the worst. Because those in denial can be quite brutish.

It's incredible how much has happened to me since March 4th 2008.
Having said that, I'm on top of the world today!
I feel quite blessed for a Gabillion and one reasons.
But back then, I never thought it would be possible.
To be this fulfilled was something I thought would take years to get back.
It was that bad.
I have no savings, but I have happiness deep within me.
The fiance is a superstar!
My golden shimmering Pinoy.

Absolute superstar!
He's never read the blog apart from a glance.
And we've only ever discussed it a few times.
How amazing is that?
It's the secret to our success.
That, and the fact that it was love at first sight, and we have never spent a second away from each others hearts and minds.
He has his passions and I have mine.
We both work VERY hard.
He's the hardest worker I know.
We meet in the middle for many things.
He of course is a VERY good Catholic.
So we do have our differences.
We are together in the most incredible of ways.
For good times.
For life.
And most of all for love.

And now that my life is entirely back on track, it's nice to look back on the last year of my life..... My new job is brilliant and I've already settled in. And my pay checks have started to come in. Ka-ching!

life on the farm in Australia with my precious Pickles

My haters come and go and always will.
We all have at least one in our lives.
I have a few more than that.
But they have no power over me.
I'll always remain here, free.
It's a guarantee.

My honest pride has surfaced today, due to a very special document I've received from a VERY special person in the Philippines. The letter was hand delivered to our door this morning. The fact that this individual took the time is overwhelming for me. I'm still in shock.
I smell another victory of sorts on the horizon.
Sweet victory.

My readership consists of a giant cross section of people and this letter proves it.
YES, it will be in the book if I ever finish writing it. Hahahahaha.
My editor is working me like a hard ass!
Chapter, chapter, chapter is all I hear now.
So I understand why some people resent me so much.
I've turned this little blog into a movement of sorts.
For those who want to be part of my journey.
Our journey.
Don't hate me, love me!

And this most gracious beautiful letter (if only I could print it) would hush up most of my detractors for sure. But It's just for me and it's author. So the detractors will not have the opportunity to rubbish it.

Tarnish it with their envy driven efforts and jealous mix of mish mash.

my very first night on Boracay with a new found friend at Hey Jude!

The documents came with a beautiful Philippines flag which blew my mind.
I already have the one I bought in Manila so I'll give that one to my mates who have just opened a huge Filipino restaurant only a block from my house. And I will keep this new one forever and a day.
This letter is the ultimate validation of sorts from an incredibly famous noble Filipino. Any guesses?
THIS letter would make front page news in Manila.
On every cover!
I'm NOT a fame whore.
If I was, I would publish the letter.
Others could not resist.

Tim Yap
would have it on a billboard, next to himself of course.
DJ Montano would pin it to his chest for all to see.
He'd use it to get free rooms at Discovery Shores.
Celine Lopez would frame it and put it next to her Picasso (print).
And yes... Tina Tinio would eat it.
And that's the difference between myself and these other people.
I know what to keep private and to myself.
And what things I need to share....... and eat...... Tina.

the gruesome threesome

I won't use this opportunity to exploit what really would be a magical moment on the blog. But I will tell you about it. Hahahaha.
But I know my readers will give me this one thing.
It WILL be in the book. And the book will be affordable for every person who wants to have it. More on that later.....

I will make not one peso from this book. 100% of all proceeds from sales will go to a Filipino Charity which we have yet to choose. When the book is published, we will announce the charity involved.
back to the letter-

It's a very private letter and very soul enriching for me. I NEEDED it for the book as well!
It's what we've been waiting for.
TRUE validation for my efforts.

GIANT waves would be created if I printed it now.
I'll tell 'certain' people though. People I can
TRUST! Things are calm for me at the moment.
I want to keep it that way until the first snow fall.
Then... BAM! Hahahahaha.
Because you never know what you'll find on this blog.

Anyways, this letter made me cry a dozen tears.
It was delivered in the most incredible of ways. By a man in a uniform (?). Like out of a movie. I was in my underwear.... AGAIN. WHY am I always in my underwear when I answer my door to Filipinos in uniform?

My detractors could only dream about getting such a message from such a person in such a fashion.
But they never will.
It makes the money that DJ stole from me, seem almost benign.
Because despite what my detractors/frenemies say about me.... I've done a great job with my blog. I'm very proud. And this incredible person only confirmed it for me.

We will speak tomorrow on the phone. I can't believe it's happening to me.
I will share all eventually. But it is a sensitive situation which must be handled very carefully. Because in the wrong set of hands....


The millions of people who know about me KNOW what I'm about now.
They always have. Haters have not changed that one bit.
Shit don't stick to me.
I'm a nice guy, and that's my trump card.
I would NOT attack HIGH society if I were like them.
They all make me sick.
Well, not all, there are a few I have time for.
I voted for Divine!

My message has remained crystal clear. My readers don't read the hate blogs. Most have no idea that they even exist. It's really just a Manila thing. HH is VERY Manila. I find it funny as well. I mean, even I read it for laughs. The hate blogs are not at all global like my blog.
And none of them have a book deal either!

My simple message is a pure one, born of frustration from the things I saw in the Philippines when I lived there.
And so it has remained.
My supporters 'get it'.
And I thank them for that.
Manila was woken from it's toxic slumber that was and still is...so pathetic. People like Tim Yap and the rest STILL refuse to attach any CHARITY to their events!!!!!
It's disgusting. They're all allergic to charity it seems.
It reminds them of what they really are.

My blog is firmly anchored in truth.
A certain kind of truth.
Filipino truth.
My blog was and is firmly underpinned from day one with purpose and powerful objectives. To prove and establish a link between criminal DJ Montano, and the system that supported, promoted and validated him....knowing FULL WELL that he deserved none of these things due to his very well known scamming ways. Manila HIGH society raised DJ from a pup. He thought Celine was his sister I swear.
Looking back, it's bone crunching stuff. A sad bunch of no hopers with the right last names.

And that's what drives some to distraction over my blog.
I battle this rediculous imbalance that's everywhere you look.
I imagine them trembling, throwing back shots, then madly spewing out their rubbish on their blogs. It's all nonsense.
The haters ONLY write about me and Kitty! Flattered? Well yes, I am.
Not sure about Kitty though.
But I suspect she's so smart, that it doesn't matter.
BUT these same grumblers should be writing about the Philippines corrupt systems and how so many millions suffer under it.... like what we write about!
But they don't care, just like the people I write about don't care.
So it makes perfect sense. Birds of a toxic oil covered feather.....

Shallow thinkers.
Sour fashionista's (and I use that term VERY lightly)
Stinking wannabees.

of space, all of them.

to the Philippines.

And the fact that I've had gossip on the blog is no big deal.
Even those who I tell on.... LOVE IT.
Don't bullshit me with this 'victim' crap.
Has Tina gone on a diet?
So she can't be that upset about the fun we've had at her goodie bag loving Loreal arse's expense, can she?

typical night out for these tragic GG members, Celine looks constipated.

Tim Yap himself was making fun of his tiny penis at his 'non charity sponsored' award fiasco (from all accounts) at Shambassy. If Tim is willing to poke fun at his little dick, then please, come on. I'm glad he's embraced it though......It only takes three fingers to do so!
Anyways I spoke to another person today who had sex with Tim Yap, and he said it wasn't that bad, "small but hard" we're his exact words, so....
Hahahaha. So funny.

And Tims 'Queen', Jenni Epperson was seen embracing BB warmly after his gong win for best Blog?
Who would have thought this possible?
Jenni and Bryan?

People who live their lives in the spotlight for whatever reason, have to deal with the true reality when the flash bulbs have all gone away.
And the tasers come out to play.
Some people like me because of who I am and what I represent.
And for WHO I'm trying to help by bringing these stinking corrupt issues to the fore.
My fans come in all different shapes and sizes.
So do my enemies.
And I love them all for supporting me ..... even in the most dastardly of ways.
Even the criminals and their associates who have been terrorizing me will be thanked for their attention eventually, no matter how damaging it was to me from an emotional perspective, to be a victim of Cyber crime. My lawyer (bless her) will always have my back!
I have NEVER broken the law on my blog.
But other people in Manila have.
I have everything I need to launch court action against them.
It's all up to me.
I have more than one person willing to do battle for me in Manila.
Who would not want the publicity?
And this WILL get HUGE publicity.
Purely because of who's involved.
I would NEVER post stolen files.
I'm not a criminal.
I'm a blogger.
But others have broken many laws in order to destroy me..... which would never happen when all is said and done.

thinking about my many sweet memories of Boracay

To highlight the differences between the haves and have nothings is my passion. To highlight the ridiculous characters within Manila's elite society is also another favorite pastime. And I've done that with fire in my belly.
From day one.
So gossip/truth too.... YES!

I love gossip/truth.
Everyone does..... even those who claim not to.
And the ones that rally against gossip are the worst out there for gossipping themselves..
Which I find hilarious and soo Manilical (Manila + Typical, hehehehe)

Gossip/truth is food for your soul.
Unless of course, you are the subject of said gossip.
Then these people (HIGH society scum bags) have obvious eating disorders and refuse to digest. Gossip bulimia is what they suffer from. That and coke rash around the nostril! Hahahaha.

And lets face it, I only gossip about the shallow, greedy, selfish, self promoting crappy people and their dumb, elitist, crappy attitudes and their pathetic and obvious crappy lack of charity work. Just a giant bunch of crap heads! That's Manila HIGH society.

And believe me, there is more revelations to come.
Evolution is a hungry monster.

And we all need a break from the tittle tattle.

My blog is just my blog peeps.

And that's the reason I've never hysterically responded to bullying from the hate sites created in my honor. It is what it is.
And I am honored.
I just think, that anyone who wants to devote their existence to writing about me, well go ahead. Knock yourself out.
I'm protected.
And I also have people watching my blog very carefully.
People in Manila. Smart people.
If you have my e mails, then knock yourself out and post them.
My life is an open book now.
You scare me not.
Because it does me nor my blog lasting harm at the end of the day.
The blog is stronger than ever with more hits than any other blog in the Philippines.

I speak up and for the Philippines masses, not the elite.
NOT the super rich.
Most of the people I truly care about most have no computer to read my blog.
And the majority of those will never even use one in their lifetime.
That's a shameful fact in itself.
So it's been a challenge for me.
Not being able to target directly those who consume your heart is paralyzing at times.
You have a voice of empathy which they will never get a chance to hear or read.

I speak out on things that bother me readers.
Real bloggers understand what I've been through.
And I thank them for their tremendous support and encouragement over the last eight months.

And my readership?
My readers are soooooo amazing and true and I'm honored to have them.
Each and every one. Well actually, there are a few I could do without.
I have the best readership in our blog world (we all say that, hehehe) and I love each and every person who takes the time to read my blog. I'm so INSPIRED and impressed with their stories when they're gracious enough to share. I'm lifted up everyday by their emails and comments. Their emotional brilliance and deep thoughtful well established points... and gripes are reaffirming to me.
TEAM BRIAN is as solid as ever and moving forward.

At first the blog was about getting my stolen money back from DJ Montano.
But then it evolved into a much different thing altogether.
It had to happen in the Philippines.
There is no question about that.
The landscape has forever changed now, even if in a small way.
Because as a collective, we've helped to bump things along a bit.
A blogger alliance if you will.

I had yet to be fully baptized within the Filipino lexicon when I started writing. Living in the country kicked things off for me for sure, but the reaction to the blog really forced a morphing of ones ideas into something barely recognizable many months later.

Since starting the blog, I've received many threats which over time has really had an impact on me. For the better I must say. I've been victimized by a supposed hacker which also made me stronger as a person. I've had my private e mails and chats posted for all to see, which at first bothered me, but now I could not care less. I've been through it all. But I've been through much worse in my life. These are not the first crimes committed against me peeps.

And here I am, still as passionate as ever, ready and preparing for some new changes on the blog. My enemies come and go, and always will. But it's their demons and not my own that need to be addressed. I'm cool.
Cool as a cucumber.

I understand that one particular person who I've considered a 'friend' is actually doing me harm behind the scenes. This person should be very careful because I know all now. And yes, my feelings are VERY hurt. Backstabbers always get the sharpest knife at days end though.
Double edged.

Telling people I'm a liar?
It's true.
If I lie to you, it's because I have VERY good reason to NOT tell you the truth.
I never lie to people I trust. I've been super burnt and trust no one any more! Except my boyfriend and a few others. The rest, well, they have hidden agendas it seems so I'll keep them at a distance for now.
But I do lie. For sure.
I will lie to people I do NOT trust and have no respect for.
Because they do not deserve my truth.
Just a bunch of Judas's!

Tiny Tim Yap...allergic to C.H.A.R.I.T.Y

But it's OK, because I have a great job now and will save another 70,000 and NEVER give it away in such a stupid way.
Like many Filipinos and people in general, I'm a fierce survivor and I always recover.
We ALL do peeps.
I recovered from what DJ did to me because of this blog.
My beautiful Filipino readership and beyond.
I highly doubt there is another Westerner as involved with the country as I.
My behind the scenes 'blog jobs' are time consuming but worth it.
My HIV work is heart beat inducing stuff.
I love it. I'm needed.
People reach out to me, and I'm there for them, as much as I can be.
I really do try to get to everyone.

surviving whatever life throws at me, like a trooper!

Not once did I flinch in the face of this misguided hatred towards me. Some people will always misunderstand my objective and lash out at me. But that's for them to sort out on their own time. I'm a busy guy and quite frankly I have no time for haters anymore. They are a fact. that I've had to learn to live with.
Like a dog and it's fleas.

Nor would I ever flinch in the face of their hostility.
I fight back in my own way.
I fought back in my own way.
Silence is golden, for now.
Like an egg.

And at other times we make sacrifices for friends.
And we compromise our own integrity in order to do such things.
It's difficult, but most necessary. Supreme sacrifice's can always be undone though.
Always put others before yourself if you can.
BUT always protect yourself first and formost.
Because you are no help to others, if you're dead or forced to shut up!
And ALWAYS keep ammo for the future in case you need to prepare for another war!
Always keep your fox hole ready for occupation.
Your bayonet at hand.....

And lastly,

Having a trusted killer fabulous Manila lawyer also helps one to stay on top of things.
I LOVE my Manila lawyer so much.
She is beautiful inside and out and has been with me from day 1.
She calms me down when I'm upset and makes me feel better in no time at all.
She keeps me on top of things.
Where I must remain. On track.
Systems in place.
Thanks Trixie.
I love you.

On top!
Where I belong.
After all peeps, this blog started a rather large Cyber revolution of truth and transparency.

Next week, the blog will have some changes again, because some people are really pissing me off.
Manila maggots I call them (got that from a friend, hehe).
Eating off the stinking corpse that was once a very beautiful city and a very beautiful country. Now you have to peer through the sewage that is HIGH society with all the energy you have in order to glimpse even the most faint visions of what the Philippines used to be.

The TRASH has all the cash!
And those who don't have any money like the Montano's, pretend to have it!
And they fool everyone.
Well, they used to fool everyone.
With their cheap ass pearls and criminal ways.
Aurora Montano is STILL the grandmother of all scams.

Now corruption and nepotism rule in the Philippines.
So the gossip/fact will return with a flourish soon enough!
Because some are being very naughty.
I've enjoyed the break.
I know some of you have missed it though.
I have too!

Prepare peeps, because the bitch is back!
Or at least I'm preparing for it.
I'm really tired since starting work.
And gossip/truth is exhausting.

Hugs for the week!


WHERE are all the Amiels out there? His fantastic bravery is so refreshing to see and will be rewarded one day. I admire him so much.
And to ANON 10 46 and the rest of you conspirory theories???
I did NOT make (?) Amiel (that's stupid), he made himself! I'll always promote the best blogs in Manila. It's as simple as that!
We do NOT conspire one bit.

Amiel and I have never spoke to each other.
We do NOT and have not discussed our blogs together.
And we rarely write.
Our bond has been established long ago. It's almost telepathic.
Please to not begrudge Amiel or his amazing blog.
He's worked as hard as I have.
For sure.
A great Pinoy.
And SUPER hot too!
The way he built up his blog is admirable for those of you who want to have a blog of your own.

People read his blog because it's a GREAT fucking blog.

It's just that I knew that before everyone else did.
And Amiel deserves every bit of readership that he has.
And I KNOW, he has a TON!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. Loving Amiel! We have respect for each other and support each others blogs. That's it!

some new fab mates I've met in Toronto
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