27 October 2008

I Need A Cuddle

my gorgeous amazing Golden Retriever Siesta,
who now lives with the boyfriends family in Philippines

my poochie baby boo boo bear Picklies ALWAYS slept with her daddy

I miss my dogs soooooo much.
It's hard.
I don't cry over missing people and friends very often.
It's the life of a queer gypsy.
But I do cry over my precious dogs.
Moving to Canada has been great.
But missing my dogs is pure T.O.R.T.U.R.E!
Not having one is the worst!
My boyfriend promised me we can have one next year.
And a promise is a promise right readers....

Picklies, Lucy and Siesta are always in my heart.
But I'm already thinking about my next dog.
As long as you can manage to leave your animals is the best home ever, guilt should never be an issue.
I have no guilt about saying bye bye to my dogs.
I'll see them again one day, and until then I talk to them on my Skype.
That's right peeps. My ex in Australia holds them up to the screen and I talk to them.
Hahahahaha. It's great and ALWAYS makes me cry.
And I get daily updates on Siesta in Manila.
She LOVES my in laws and she looks wonderful and super happy.

We all are.
Except I need a cuddle.

Lucy and Picklies in Australia squaring off on my bed.... adorable

I will pray for your precious little baby Janet....

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