27 October 2008

Members Only, The Fort......

the arrogance is overwhelming and quite sad

from- http://www.spot.ph/

TZ: What are members guaranteed?

TY: Exclusivity, exclusivity, exclusivity, [and] exclusive members events, sans publicity. A lot of our members are CEOs, movie stars and top brasses of big companies and they want privacy [and to be] away from the glare of the public. Premium privileges with only premium drinks are served. The only thing I can say is that when you get there, there is a door that will not open (we have a secret peephole to check and we know ALL members by face and name) unless one is a registered member. Class A service is consistent to all of Embassy's other establishments, but you are guaranteed no lines, no resistance at the door--if you're a member, that is.

Dear Brian,

Love love reading your blog. I'm totally support your blog, it has given a lot of voice to my fellow Pinoys. Anyway, am not sure if you've blogged about this already but there's a new place in The Fort called Members Only and it's just like Embassy but only for the really rich. People who can afford to pay the membership fee. The members are checked carefully and not everyone gets approved. But this is another drug den for the rich and famous. They can do anything there. I suggest you check it out and try to blog about it. I heard that Erik Cua is part owner too. To be honest I've never been in the place, but several of my friends have gone inside and have affirmed what I said. It's a whole different level. Please for my safety because a lot of the people who go there are my friends please please please don't mention my name. Thank you for everything.


Dear Readers,

I have so many e mails about the 'Members Only Club' at the Fort.
The fee is extraordinary to join....... but apparently you can snort your drugs in the open! And I'm told you can buy the 'PRIMO BLOW' once through the doors.
So you don't ever have to worry about getting your shit into the club.
Because for 9500-11000 pesos, you can buy a baggie inside.
How cool is that?
Only in Manila!

I was FLABBERGASTED about the gambling rumors too (not really). But it's OK to gamble there I'm told. The club gets a HUGE cut! And the rooms are hard to find once the game is under way.
They claim EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEED PRIVACY, and indeed brag about this. The in-house security/cameras are for many reasons.
I'm told, mostly to alert the interior as to something occurring outside/at the door....... like the 'police'.

They pay off the authorities who simply look the other way.
The coke comes in the front door, but never leaves.
Except in the urine of revellers.
Because It's consumed within the building of course.

Drugs, gambling and prostitution.
Triple threat at Members Only Club!
They have it all there at Members Only!
No hassles.


I mean, it's the biggest coke den in Manila now, next to Shambassy.
But that's soooo Manilical.

Manila is coke.
Manila is coke.
Manila is coke.

Dear readers,

You have to understand, it's......... OK to do cocaine in Manila. No problem.
Any bar can open their doors for an exclusive clientele and the police can do nothing.
The police are hopeless and hapless to do anything in Manila.
I'm not sure who the members of The Members Only club are.
But I bet you, they are the worst of the worst.

I KNOW the terribly tragic Celine Fauxpez has a membership (freebee of course) and so does Wendy 'Whore' Puyat (free as well like the head she gives at the Polo Club... again.. private room......).
And I'm also told that several ex GG members were declined a membership.
And a few of them STILL can't get one!

And NONE of the society/fashiony/wannabess's/underlings will ever see the inside, unless they are.. shock, gasp, horror... SPONSORED........ I WOULD DIE!

Manila will never change.
It will only get worse.

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