30 October 2008

L'ORÉAL Shu Shus Tina 'Ton Ton' Tinio

Tina 'Ton Ton' Tinio..... is out out, out, and FAT!!!!!

It's official peeps...... Tina 'Ton Ton' Tinio is OUT!

L'ORÉAL has seen the
light...er shade of pale and 'asked politely' for her (forced) resignation.....

L'ORÉAL , Shu Eumura had a MEGA event at the Rockwell, Makati last week which was attended by no less than five hundred people.

Because Tina Tinio lost her job, there had to be a turn over ceremony.......

I'm told, that when Tina's name was called, only her mother clapped.....

Xeng Zulueta (notorious major ex-Shambassy drug dealer) who was
FIRED from Shu Shemura arrived................... TOTALLY UNINVITED!

That bitch has nerve, I'll give her that!

poor Xeng Zulueta (right,war paint applyer) with a galpal during better times

And Xeng was literally booooooooooed by the audience... BOOED I TELL YOU!!!!!!! (this from MULTIPLE sources.. it's TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!!!!!!!)

Tina Tinio is now looking for a new job.

I hear she wants to go to Japan.

Tina darling, beware......... they still hunt whales there!!!!
It's not safe for you there Free Willy.....

.... Scion (?)

Get fucked Tina!

Because you use people and people use you.

Let's Chikatime this blog up... shall we?

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