24 October 2008

Mabuhey Faux-shionista!

Dear Readers,

I'm posting this entry because I'm 'F' for furious.

Tiny and Jennivitch, suffering from obvious coke eyes

Dear Jenni Epperson,

.......To find your super spy dearest, maybe you should look to the person who DESIGNED and IMPLEMENTED your brand new blog template......you know, your birthday present that you so happily announced on your BLAH blog?
Who gave you that oh so special gift Jenni?


You know Jenni, the template you
love so much and you are so proud of. Your free beeeeeeeeeee...... as per norm.

The template you now use is designed by the very same person who has caused a TON of hardship, heartache and heartbreak for many people by hacking into their computers.
And now it's happened to you?
And you're surprised?
I bet you 500 pesos (the cost of your shoes) it's been on your computer for many weeks now.
You're screwed.
He's everywhere love.

You think you're smart Jenni?
You're neither.

You have been hacked though.
How does it feel?
Knowing it came from within your OWN camp?
How does it feel Jen Jen?
Good eh?
It must.

So Jenni, you think you have someone tracking your movements love?
To the shops? To eat? Your key strokes?
Enjoy the paranoia babes.
No one deserves it more than you.

Well, your little mate has done the same thing to me chubbs.
In fact, he knows when I'm having a pull.
Did you know that?
Oh yes Jenni, he tells everyone when I'm on X tube (great site by the way if you only have a few minutes for a tug!)

Paranoid much Jenni?
Like I've been for two months
, because of the person who has created and designed your new crappy blog?
So are we to have sympathy for you now Jenni?
Really Jen Jen?

When you allowed your 'special' friend to break law after law so that you could get even with 'us' for telling everyone your trip to Singapore was a fraud ex deal trip and you did NOT produce the goods for the Singapore Tourism Board. And now you are banned. Is that right Jenni?
Empathy for YOU?
Get fucked Jenni...CRAIG!

Are you afraid now Jennivitch, that YOUR personal stuff will appear ON LINE for the entire world to see?

This all started because of CT.......and your pudgy little sausage fingers are all over it!

I hope it does, so you will know what it felt like for my MOTHER to read those VERY sensitive chats that YOUR friend and accomplice shared for Manila (whatever his readership was) to see. The documents that were stolen from me. I showed my mother what was happening to me. She needed to know just how bad it was getting for me. My nerves were shot to bits. I lost weight and I became very worried about my health, both emotional and physical.
It's your turn to bend over and take it up the ass now.

YOUR private chats which are VERY sensitive like mine were? What if they were to appear on line Jenni? Your chats with Tim? Your chats with ******? And ***** *******?

Cat got your tongue Jen Jen?
......It would be a huge meal.

Because you gossip as much as Chikatime did Jenni.
And you KNOW that's the truth.
All your peace and bullshit.
Whatever Jenni.
You just freaked when you saw your fat ass on CT!
I've heard you bitch and gossip Jenni.
That's what you are. Nothing but a gossip.
How dare you accuse others of the same?
You're nothing but a hypocrite!
Don't give your readers this holier than now bullshit.
You're nothing but a GG loving coke head.
And the work you've done behind the scenes.. away from your readership will soon be out there for all to see.
Your hacker is the least of your worries.
And I will give that an 'A'.
Super effort!

You act all high and mighty, but really, you're a joke Jenni.
Are you still tarting her up for the cams?
No one cares about your problems with your computer.
You're nothing but a fucking drama queen/starter.
You just can't stand being out of the 'cool' gang.
And you hate that I talk about all of your douche bag friends.
You're only doing this to take the stink off of your own behaviour.
Behaviour you should quite frankly be ashamed of.
After all, you're a mother.
If it were not for Tim and Celine, you would still be a shop girl at Glorietta Mall.
Are you afraid you're about to find your private e mails on line Jenni?
Did you love it when I was humiliated?
DID you?
How rich is this Jen Jen?
An excellent turn of events?
Now you're the victim of Cyber terrorism.
And you want everyone to know and go boo hoo hoo for you?
POOR victim.
Piss off Jenni and take your ridiculous blog with you.

We both got hacked Jen Jen.
But the only difference is...
Fat dumb ass!

Did you wet yourself when it was announce on line that I like to wank off to X tube videos Jenni (oh but then you will say, "But I NEVER read his blog").
What a LIAR you are Jenni.
Do you like knowing that I masturbate Jen?
Well I do dear.
I'm lonely Jenni, give me a break!

So Jenni, please stop with your stupid bullshit about your fucking dumb computer. YOU DESERVE THIS JENNI. And NOBODY cares about your self created dramas OR your computer. You NEED to generate this rubbish because neither you nor your blog has any HEAT. Shoes and belts and purses and soap flakes.

YOU started this whole thing Epperson.
And I have all the proof I need to bury you.
You think you're such a smart ass don't you?
You fashion anomaly, I've been going through HELL because of YOU and YOUR off sider.
You know Jenni...... the same person who HACKED my computer.
I know what you're up to Jennivitch.
You're the sneakiest, because you're a fraud.
And you're terrified of being discovered.
Found out.

You got my e mail I sent you on Facebook and you know what I have.
That was SENT to me Jenni by a real true fan of mine.
Trying to throw people off your skanky track will not be that easy dear.
You are your own victim Jen Jen.
If you've been hacked (for real and not inventing this entire thing which I think you are because I know you would do this because you KNOW what I know), it's YOUR fault.

YOU let your self confessed blog designer/HACKER terrorize blog world for two months. And NOW you are bitching that you think your computer has some shit on it keeping track of you?

At least now YOU know what it feels like to have a hacker in your computer.
Like mummy says, you go to bed with fleas, you wake up scratching.
It's too late to clean up the mess you've created by unleashing him onto all of us.
HE is the only person that I know of who has done anything to anyone since you involved yourself in this.
And the truth is, you have NO IDEA!

There are many victims in Cyber crime Jen jen. And now you're crying about being one of them?
Oh, boo hoo bitch!

I hope you find the person who is terrorizing you dear. I really do. Even though karma dictates that this happen to you.

Be your own pit bull Jenni.

Sicking others onto your detractors will only make us more angry. You already struggle with your blogs 'validity issues' It's obvious. It's not a very good blog. It's VERY boring. And I understand that you are worried because your blog is well quite frankly, ridiculous. And you involve yourself with this stuff because otherwise, people would fall asleep reading your blog.

And don't you dare accuse me or anyone else on TEAM BRIAN of doing anything against you or your stupid airhead blog. YOU keep involving yourself Jenni. We are NOT criminals like you Jen Jen. You have my private e mail dear.
My people do not think along criminal lines like YOURS do Jenni.
My people are decent loving honest law abiding Filipinos.
Unlike your raggedy band of no hopers and sycophants.

So if you want more trouble in blogland Jenni, bring it!
You're barely a member anyways!
You sort your shit out on your own time.
Don't involve blogworld with your dumb ass hidden messages.
What are you Jenni.. like fifteen years old?
You insult your readers with your weak irrelevant blog and your stupid cryptic bull shit. Can't you write?
You are soooo lazy.
You didn't care ONE bit when the rest of us were being assaulted by your boy.
So lick my nuts Epperson.
And DON'T fuck with me either.

We dealt with our shit privately.
Why don't you try being a lady for once, quit your pathetic moaning and bitching (it really is very tiring Epperson), and ask your boy himself if he has the shit on your computer. He's the only one capable.
And won't you feel like a silly fat fool when you discover that it was him all along?
Karma Jenny.

You should go ahead and use your 'fancy' gear to track the culprit.
But I'll save you time and the energy of your 'friends' and tell you who it is.
You KNOW who it is.
Dumb dumb!

One more thing Epperson... SUCK IT!

From the
Faux-shionista's blog **************************

these "spies" are NOT like us;)

apparently, the internet drama is not yet over. i just found out a few days ago that my computer was being "spied" on. as in, a spy software was sent to secretly track my local/remote computer's keystrokes, emails, username/password, online chat, and websites visited etc. nice try, freaks! it's really silly to hack my system as i have no skeletons in my virtual closet. anyway, i'll give you a "b" for best effort and a "c" for ca-cheapan!

someone gave a tool to "spy" on haters, but i refuse to use it as i don't want bad karma to haunt me. when i found out my computer was hacked, i know that karma will finally haunt these "spies."

i asked some friends to help me "clean" my computer, and an agency will target the "source." when the dust settles, the truth shall reveal itself.

SHOPPINGEROS/ SHOPPINGERAS, please excuse me if i don't update my blog for a few days, i have a date with mr. & mrs. smith--the cutest "spies" ever!

We'll see about that.....

PS - Mr. and Mrs. Smith wont help you Jennivitch, I give you B for BULLSHIT AND C for CRAPPINES.
TAKE THAT! (school girl giggles)

PPS- God is NOT in the mall Jenni.
Honestly Jen, is that all you could come up with? Shameful.

Love Brian

me and my girl doing battle against fashion nobodies

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