05 October 2008

My Super Mean Fans

last year in my pool on the farm.....how things have changed


Below my Sunday rant are my two "day maker" e mails.

I love my Sunday's, especially when a new reader contacts me with opinions as good as these are.
Another honest insider if you will.
Loving her to bits.

The blog's comments have been really great lately.
I also (if I have extra time) like commenting but will only do so in order to defend myself or further explain my opinion/answer specific questions on the entry.
So if you keep it decent, we may ever spar.
Good spar of course, although I tend to be even harsher in the comments section.
You come for me and I will come back at you. It does get a bit brutal, but I appreciate even the most heated of assaults... as long as there is no verbal gay bashing.
You lose all cred!

You see SMF (Super Mean Fans), you CAN still manage to slam me with a bit of intellect and get your message across to MY readers.
I WILL print your comments against me as long as there is no homophobia attached.
They have stopped for the most part.
Thank you.

Many of the e mails/comments I've receive will appear in the book in the most wonderful of ways.
Many have been saved but never printed.
The concept is brilliant and I came up with it!
The comments and e mails are this blogs backbone, believe me.
And they have so much influence over my draft so far.

Dearest Haters (SMF),

If you really hate me so much, then WRITE to me privately and tell me how you feel.
Because I KNOW that most of you 'SMF's' are just normal happy people "venting" (I said MOST).
But really, we can be frenemies without the insane insults and verbal viciousness.

Why are so many of you SMF's obsessed with me?

These are just three behind the scene battles that have been waged against me.
I need to kill these stupid rumors once and for all.
I'm constantly amazed at what's being written about me.
Totally made up, created from scratch, fabricated, doctored, invented and not even very funny.

The book should be great.

1. There is NO porno on the Internet with me in it!!!!! Please stop spreading this stupid porno e mail around because it's NOT me bent over that motorcycle!!!!!
UHG! This is getting old (the threats to 'reveal'). There is nothing to reveal, so please stop trying to get numbers with this un-true sensationalism. My readers are not dumb.

They're TWO HOT Mexicans in the video (I think) with black hair for heavens sakes.
I would NEVER film myself having sex. I don't even have nude pictures of myself.
Although I have to admit, I would be a good porn star. Hahahahaha. I'm vocal!
And I already had my back tattoo when that porno was made. The guy screaming does NOT have a HUGE tattoo on his back or the word LOVE on his wrist which you can plainly see as he grips the throttle. hahahahahaha.No back tat! Just sweat droplets.
And anyways....... I'm a top!

2. I do NOT .... I repeat, Do NOT own a property in the Philippines or ever have. Whoever created those dumb documents in the Philippines have forged my name to them. It's a joke if anyone would believe that rubbish. MY NAME IS SPEALT WRONG! Bryan Gorell??? It's B.R.I.A.N. G.O.R.R.E.L.L. I would tell my readers if I had property there. I mean, I WISH I had a property there. THAT was the plan... remember? I HAD plenty of money to buy one, until I was Montanoized!

3. I do NOT have a child in the Philippines. Someone went through my Multiply photos and came up with the bizarre notion that I have a daughter. I'm LMFAO over this. My MOTHER is also LHFAO. She WISHES I had a daughter. She still hopes I'll give her some yet!
So I can assure you, she is NOT my daughter.
She's my niece.
And those pictures were taken in Toronto, NOT Cebu!!!!!!! UHG!
WHY would I hide a daughter? I have a feeling I know who spread this hilarity, but I'll refrain from throwing a retaliatory bombshell... for now.
I've removed the pictures anyways as I was afraid of seeing them 'pop' up on a SMF blog.
I have ZERO children.
But I wish I did.

Some of you should re-read your comments before posting them. Or is that really who you are? I soooooo bore of the un-clever homophobia, and you're wasting your time. I've dealt with it since I was eleven. It's YOUR problem now.
You and your "Christian" heart.

Anyways, back to my "day makers",

I read your blogs and I just cant believe this. I am so sorry to read what happened to you. It is sad to see something like that happen to a person. I am sure you got hurt over the experience. As a Filipino, it is heart wrenching to hear what some fellow Filipinos will do to take advantage of others. I used to recall years ago when I went to school, the nuns taught us that those who are born with more should realize that such blessings come with responsibility.
In a small country like the Philippines where poverty is all around you, those who indeed have been given more should realize that there are those that could benefit from what they have.
I hope you are better and I hope that this issues will get resolved. Please take care of yourself. It is in trying times that the character of a person comes out.

Dear Brian,

My brother is married to a Lopez cousin and my mom and the Lopez's are second cousins and I am from Iloilo and a proud Ilonggo, as everyone else in the Philippines, everyone else is related by marriage blood or something.. Anyway, after graduating from Assumption during the early 90\'s I left for the US and have made a life for myself here.
I stumbled upon your blogs when I googled articles on Iloilo and wanted to read about old friends and family.

I agree that the ostentatious display of wealth and avaricious out of this world spending of those that have money in the Philippines is a blatant insult and insensitivity to the poor around them.
The last time I went home for a 10 day visit I did see gated homes and beautiful well furnished houses that were a block away from small barong barong shanties with children begging for food and money. I also realized that some of my old friends were still stuck in never never land and have not grown old, partying, drinking and because they have more money than what we used to have as allowances when younger, the vices have changed. Of course, there are those that have also evolved and become responsible adults... they raise their kids, work for the family business or try to hold jobs and go to church on Sundays. What I find alarming though is the shallowness that the younger generation seem to exhibit. I mean, they are defined by what they have and what they own in material things. I ask myself, what did their parents teach them? What has influenced such a life?
I am sure that this Gucci Gang are not really representative of the affluent Filipino younger set, because if they are my country is really deeply in trouble.. LOL!!!
Your plight though really bothers me, because I cannot understand how another human being can do this to a fellow human being. I have worked as a social worker for almost ten years now and have seen suffering and despair in those that I have chosen to serve and help, I can only hope that your health will get better. My friend, for everything there is a reason, your courage in such a time is inspiring. I wish I could help in some way.
I will include you in my prayers.. OK.


Dear Reader,

I will include you in my prayers too!
And you
HAVE helped, just by writing these thoughtful considerate accurate words.
I LOVE that so many people "get it".

This greed manifestation is really very simple to figure out.
It's a mindset passed down from a parent to their child.
Self entitlement is taught.
A good sense of self is earned.
The problem you see, is that the 'newest' über
selfish generation in the Philippines have been given unique permission to feel and act this way by their very own Septic Society's leaders and climber wannabee's.
If their self annointed 'Ambassador' of the Embassy espouses these sorts of virtues, then what hope can we possibly have for the minions who follow behind him and his tragic social cronies?

We must never ever forget who uttered this most unfortunate selection of words, which is quite frankly his most 'infamous' quote to date-

There is this mind-set, which I think is so passe, that says: ‘The country is in shambles and the country is having a hard time and you are out there partying.’ But this generation is guiltless when it comes to that.”--Tim Yap, “Good times are back for rich folk in Manila”>

Passe indeed.

Make sure you cast your votes for the Supreme Extreme Awards which are coming up like super fast.
I really want DJ Montano to get the gong for "Villian of the YEAR".
No person deserves it more.

I also have my own favorites who I'd like to see get some recognition.

I'm going back to sleep for an hour.
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