10 November 2008

????????????? Ask Brian ???????????????


I'm excited.

Since starting the blog, I've
received ... literally a TON of correspondence.
Thousands of e mails.
It's been wonderful really, but some things have to change.

Many of the questions (shorter emails) I'm asked are repeated time and time again which I fully understand.
But I'm starting to feel pressure, because I can't answer all of the emails.
And it's all about pressure minimization.
At the moment.
So short and sharp question can now be asked and answered in another way.
Ask Brian.
It will be quicker for me and I'll be able to answer more.
And we'll all feel better.
Because I get e mails from people who are cross with me for not answering them sooner.
And those e mails have an affect on me.

And please use the comments section as well. I understand that people want to write me personally, but many of your e mails belong in the comments section.
Other Bloggers cut and paste there readers e mails into their comments section.
I do not, unless I'm told I can within your email.
But I would love to post more in comments because so many are wonderful.

And with the sensitive HIV questions, I need to get the information out there so more people can read it. All questions can be asked under ANON or you can use your name.
It's up to you.

Maybe many people are thinking what you're thinking, so ask the question if you have one.
I'm excited about this new feature and I hope some questions will be answered so some peeps will not have to write me personally as much.

I love your emails, but if it's just a quick question for me, then you can ask it on my new blog feature. And that's one less email for me to worry about.
I've been looking for a solution to this problem for a while, because some peeps expect me to reply
immediately. And I just can't always do that.

So I've finally opened my new
Ask Brian feature on the blog.
Click the
Ask Brian link provided, ask your question, and I'll answer it.
And my readership can go there and check them out.
I love this.
Try to keep any questions VERY brief.
Just a question please.
I have a comment section for comments where I also answer/defend at times.
I play in other blogs too which I love... Victorina of course, hahahaha.

Victorina blog is on FIRE at the moment.
A tight huddle of mind boggling whipper snappers over there.
Amiel has managed to coral his fine bunch of stallions (and filly's too) into a cohesive intellectual 'Mensa-esque' collage of fabulous contributors and many 'super sharp', feisty ,flirty, informative comments as well.
That blog is like a magnet.
And I'm some iron filings.
(Mensa is the largest, oldest, and most well known in the world. It is a open to people who score at the 98th or higher on a standardized, supervised test.) wiki- hahahahah

So PLEASE Ask Brian if you have ANY question whatsoever with regards to anything on this blog including/especially questions about HIV/AIDS.
And please use the many links I've provided for the most accurate up to date information with regards to HIV/AIDS.
I'm prepared to answer anything and everything within reason.

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