17 November 2008

Carbs JM?... CARBS?

she was EXACTLY the same here... FABULOUS!!!!

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Tiny Tim


Hi Brian!

I''ve been an avid fan of your blog for several months now but I haven't had the chance to write or comment to you.
Last night at Cafeteria gave me the PERFECT chance to write and relay my first hand experience with Tiny Tim and his crew.

It was Rihanna and Chris Brown's concert last night at The Fort. After an hour of looking for a parking space, we decided to grab a bite to eat at Cafeteria before heading off to the event site.

Upon entering, I immediately saw this big noisy group of overdressed people. Overdressed meaning they were wearing boots and stilettos and wedge heels, the concert was in the
OPEN FIELD, hehehe.
Anyways, as we got to our table, I saw that Tiny Tim was there and it was his crew that was making such a ruckus.
Among the recognizable faces were Phoem Barranda, JM Rodriguez and Nicolette Belle straight from Dubai.
Did you know that she's a flight attendant now for Emirates?
Anyways, they were SOOOO noisy, they felt so 'at home' if you know what I mean.
The service was bad because all of the waiters were attending to them. They were so loud that it wasn't too hard to eavesdrop on their shallow conversations and buckling English.

'Oh my God JM, you're eating carbs?!'


All of them ate rice, that's how truly Pinoy they are! And the best part was no one whipped out their cards/cash to pay. It was on the house c/o Tiny Tim!
Tiny Tim had some tickets that he was giving away to his friends. FREELOADERS if you ask me. FREE SHOW, FREE FOOD. Why not? And before they left for the concert, some of them went to bathroom to umm, freshen up?
Or get a coke float?
I remembered your blog about Celine licking the toilet seat for remnants, haha!

That's all Brian. I can't believe people can be THAT shallow and live.

Dear Chili,

This is normal.
Tim is surrounded by people because he's a walking talking human ex-deal.

People like Tiny because he has a club.
knows the dealers.
He gets tickets and blah blah blah.
Manila is hooked on his junk.
It will never stop.
Tim Yap will always be the poster boy for conspicuous consumption.
And Celine is his female equivalent.
Cocaine is EASY for them to get.
But that's not the point.
Self entitlement is?
Garish displays of self importance and wealth(?).
Making sure EVERYONE knows who they are.
Theses people/hangers on/climbers would
die without Tim.
WHO would JM be
now without Celine and Tim?
A man whore?
A boat man?
......Just a washed up 'has been' child star.. with
light fingers......
They all use each other.
Not a stitch of embarrassment between them.
No shame.

Not one has ever defended Tiny.
It must be humiliating for him.
Tiny acts as though this effects him not.
BUT I KNOW otherwise.....

And cocaine is CHEAP at only 6000 pesos for a cute little baggie.
Ask them,
they'll tell you.

btw Brian, there was a DEAD BUG on our condiments tray at Cafeteria. I just didn't tell the waiter before our food was served in case they get huffy and do something to our orders. that's all ;p
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