09 November 2008

Gay Rights VS Prop H8

FYI Dear Readers,

This is my 700th entry on the blog.
1000, here I come.


This is not over.
Trust me.
The protests have only just begun.
I truly believe that PropH8 will eventually be overturned.

Gays and Lesbians and Transgendered people will gets equal rights one day on a global scale.
Yes the Utah Mormon's are a strong force, as are the rest of the religious zealots, but religion all over America is being examined VERY closely now.
Mark my words, things are changing.
The gays are angry.
And this is not good.

Because we're nice until we're pushed too far.
Then we all become a giant collective of fierce bitches.
We've had to fight for everything we have.
But we only have half.
And we want it all.
Fair is fair.
Even Steven.

But seriously, it's so unfair.
And that's why Prop H8 will eventually be overturned.
Because this time, the Gays and Lesbians.. and their STRAIGHT friends... will NOT go quietly.

If you're a gay man and you're on your death bed, your partner STILL has NO RIGHTS if the family does not want him there when your sick or even when you die. It's up to them.
And imagine if that family was a homophobic family which is VERY common.

The worst parents in the world are homophobic parents.
HOW can you not love your child?
YOU all gave birth to us!
It's YOUR parental genetics that construct the genetics belonging to the baby.
WHAT part of that do people not understand?
Parents give birth to homosexuals.
Babies are born gay.
We do NOT become 'them'.
Homosexuality is GENETIC.......NOT a choice that we make.

Imagine if you had to stand by while your loved one was surrounded by haters.
And HIS/HER only true love was out in the hall.
This happens every day.
It's cruel and devastating.

Legal challenges are being mounted as I write to overturn prop H8.
One of them WILL succeed.
I will write about this until we have equal rights where there are none.
This is NOT over.

Imagine if YOU were kept from your most loved one when he/she needed you more than anything else in the whole wide world.

When you die, YOU should have a say in who gets your estate.

Currently, any family member of a deceased person can/may/will challenge your last will and testament.
They CAN have it turned over on the account of your partner NOT being related/married.

Woman have rights which they fought for and won.
The Blacks, well they're in heaven now.
But the Homosexual community, which represent 10-15% of the world population still get none.
And as long as Obama's in the White House, we're doomed.
Because them there blacks do NOT like us gays too much.
How Ironic is that?
The oppressed are now the oppressors.

What is everyone so afraid of?


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