09 November 2008

WOW, Good Stuff Nic

I adore Niccolo, and this proves all along I was right about him.
He's a class act for sure.
And he's an amazing photographer.
I regret not having him jazz me up in his special style before I left Manila.
I would LOVE one of his fancy pics... hahaha, for the blog.
I know he could make me look GORGEOUS too!
I've fallen in love (pictoral love that is.......I'm engaged!) with more than one of his hotties/subjects/sitters/hunks.
Perfect pictures of Pinoy gorgeousness.

-I think this is amazing Nic.
And you look super gorgeous as well.
I'm so proud that you incorporated the incredible World AIDS Campaign into your ad.
This proves that you do not have to be HIV positive to care about your community and give back the way you have with this picture.
And I for one appreciate it immensely.

I feel great knowing there are people like you out there helping to squash the terrible 'stigma' that still prevails in too many places around the world with regards to HIV/AIDS and those of us who carry the virus.

The Philippines is a blessed place with hundreds of thousands of Gays and Lesbians and Transgendered people.

It's OK to be positive.
You must embrace it with a healthy open heart and open mind.
You must also assume that you may be standing beside a person who has HIV and does not know.
There are THOUSANDS of undiagnosed HIV cases in the Philippines.
Please do not be fooled by official statistics.

Because they're wrong.
It's criminal to under report known HIV cases in most countries.
But in the Philippines, lies prevail.
......And millions will never be able to get tested.
Even when it's free, people are too terrified to tell.
Terrified of what their family's will do and think of them.
How they will react.
Many can NEVER tell.... even their best friends.
And that's the CRUELEST part of the virus, for sure.

Because we need love when things go awry.
Because we need compassion when we've run out of positivity and hope.
Because even the strongest people.....crumble.
Because we are the same as you, and you, and you.
And you.

Fear and 'innocent ignorance' and a lack of knowledge is one of the most crippling aspect of this disease in the Philippines and beyond.
We can fix this.. together.

.....And many of us have HIV.

Many more then is ever reported in the Philippines.
And I say a prayer for each and every one of them.
Every single day.

Thanks again Niccolo.
You're a super guy.

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