03 November 2008

In Less Than 24 Hours

Barack Obama crying today when speaking of his late grandmother who passed away yesterday.
She raised him from a pup, hence his tears.

Barack Obama will be President Of The United States Of America.
And Prop 8
will be defeated!

A black President and the continuation of legal gay marriage in California.
Two of my dreams are about to come true.

Obama's late grandma who will still have her absentee vote counted in Hawaii.

Gays and Lesbians can marry freely in Canada and have been able to for many years already.
There's even Catholic men (Filipinos too of course) getting married by CATHOLIC priests (done is deep privacy I'm told).
It's so beautiful.
No discrimination here.
Canada is just amazing.
And so is Barack Obama.
He's just so totally captivating as is his wife Michelle.

Super hotties in the White House er, Black House.....

YES to Obama
NO to Prop 8

The new First Family? YES!

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