21 November 2008

S.T.I.G.M.A. Campaign Poster #3

This is a WAR dear readers.
The war on HIV STIGMA.
The fiercest battle of all, for a carrier of the virus.
And it's all so unnecessary.

Help me fight this please.

Because the more troops we have assembled, the more convincing we'll be on the front lines, when the trumpets call out for us to CHARGE!

A grand battalion, consisting of compassion, understanding, education and love for our fellow soldiers in society, regardless of what's in their blood stream.
Together, we will claim victory over this insidious STIGMA.

Men and women have HIV.
Boys and girls have HIV.
Infants have HIV.

You can't 'catch' HIV by loving someone.
You can't get it from hugging someone.
Or kissing them.....
Or showing compassion for them if it's needed.

So love someone with HIV if it's needed.
Hug someone with HIV if it's needed.
Embrace someone with HIV if it's needed.

Spread the word.
Let people know you're aware of the true facts behind HIV.
Click on the wonderful links I've provided on the blog.
Engage others openly about HIV.
Have a discussion with your mates about it.
Or your family members.

Together, we can make a BIG difference!
Not only in the Philippines, but throughout the world.

PLEASE help me by using my advocacy posters from the blog, and post them on your Facebook, Multiply or your own blog.


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