23 November 2008

Temporary Blog Closure

where it all began.....


The blog is closing, temporarily.
I'll not be writing for a while.
I'm not sure for how long.
But I need to rest.
I need to stop and breath.
This will be my last entry until I'm better.
I'll be back bigger and better than ever......

Due to unforeseen health issues, I need to take a break, immediately.
My health concerns are my priority now.
My advocacy will only be effective if I'm healthy.
And all I want to be now is an advocate.
I've run myself into the ground.
I need my friends and family now.
Support and love.

Please bare with me as I work through my problems.
I'm not sure how long it will take before I'm able to return.
I'm keeping things close to my chest at the moment.
Please understand dear readers, as this is beyond my control.
My emotions have escaped me, and I need to gather them back.

I'll be dropping out of the blog scene for a bit ,while I re organize my life and get my health back on track. It's suffered as of late.
I've not had a break or a single day off since March 4th.
Anxiety takes it's toll.
I'm tired.

My health is suffering due to the stress of it all.
I've been advised/told to take a break.
I need to gain weight ASAP.
My recent weight loss is dramatic and I'll be going to the doctor on Wednesday for some help.
I know we'll be able to remedy it.
I just need a rest.
Time off.

I do not want to alarm anyone, as this seems so quick, but I have my reasons, and you must understand that my issues are much bigger than my blog right now.

It's my life.
My future.
My health.

Peace out for now dear readers.....

I WILL be back.

Love Brian
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