26 January 2009

Amen Brother

Is Wowowee the worst show on Pinoy TV?

Dear Brian,

Nice that you exposed the SOTEs (scum of the earth) here.

I'd love to have a blog like yours,unfortunately, libel law here will be my undoing if I start one.

You should take it a notch higher.
Point out how dumbed- down Philippine society is by the quality of child education and TV programming.

The proliferation of the inane and inconsequential: eat bulaga, wowowee, korea novellas etc., theology, sacred nonsense, charlatanism and homophobia, done to sedate and to distract us from the ills of society and its varying dysfunctions, such as poverty (like one said, the Church and Government don't love the poor; they are in love with the idea of poverty) and malnourishment.

That corporate controlled media, (GMA7, ABS CBN) only serves self-interests and that their reports should always be viewed with skepticism and critical thinking, always ready to challenge and question authority.

The Philippines is mixed-up. Maybe you will be another person (with my wish that there will be more of the likes of you to come) who will help open the eyes of the people here so they can see how they've been systematically lied to and idiotized by the people they depended on. Our citizens are victims too, just like you. But it seems that the lives of the rest of the people here are far more miserable.

The 'moral vacuum' displayed by the air/coke heads to you is but a symptom of what is wrong with our society.

One more thing, why is Maurice Arache still alive if he snorts so much of the stuff up his nose? Maybe that's the one that's embalming him and keeping him alive at the same time....love the freeloader. I think the guy's been reanimated.

Cheers and more power,


"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." - Goethe

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