09 January 2009

Tracy Borres - The Ateneo Immersion Scandal

Tracy Isabel Borres.

stinky dirty filthy people..right Tracy?

To Her Royal HIGHNESS, the most freshly scrubbed and MOST pristine Queen of all things Perfect,

...... er sorry, I mean Tracy Borres,

Darling Tracy,

If you write this complete drivel for public consumption,
you must be prepared to explain it.
Yes, I am about to use you as an example.
too many people have sent me these links.
I must say something.

After all, I'm an advocate.
And I love the Aeta people.

Are you a racist Tracy?
You must be.
Why are you so against these poor innocent people?
They don't have sunk in bathtubs with bubbles Tracy.
Dear, what part of that do you not get?
They have NOTHING!
It was TAKEN from them dear.
Go to Boracay and see for yourself.

Such contempt.
Why do you think you're so much better?
Because you're rich?
Spoiled rotten perhaps?

Or is it that you really just hate yourself deep down? (you should, for even THINKING these horrible things, let alone WRITE about them.)
What a complete snob you are.
And your friends must think you are SOOOOO funny.
Trust me dear, you are no writer.

Your parents should be ASHAMED.
Raising such a girl.
Ridiculing others for having NOTHING but a hand to beg with.

Back to your parents.
I'm sure they're also complete idiots like yourself.
Because as we all know now, fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Be careful Tracy love, because insects are going to fly up your snooty flared nostrils if you don't lower your head and curb your shocking sense of self entitlement and your outrageous discrimination against the Atea people who did NOT deserve your 'take' on them.
It's sad to say the least.
It's no wonder their collective self esteem as a race is at an all time low.
And all you see is the dirt on their faces?
Really Tracy?
There is no Dolce and Gabbana in the slums dear.
No Chanel.
No nothing.

You are just like Celine Lopez really, who we all know would 'bless' the poor with her presence and her old ratty shoes and handbags covered in coke residue no doubt.
And lets not forget all the ex deal cosmetics twice a year. Celine fills a pinata and lets the yayas bash it up for their Kerastase samples.

Lopez gives them her old Vanity Fair magazines(complete with BONUS perfume samples in tact) and her first class refreshment kits which she accumulates. I know all about her attempts at charity.
Dumb useless cow.
(Celine,who incidentally jetted off to India yesterday on a Sing flight for a 'holiday' to 'escape' the stench of Manila), I'm being told.)
Escape the stench?
IN India?
Whatever Miss Lopez.
Cocaine is very CHEAP in India incidentally.
And no one is watching her there.
Covert cokehead.

Back to Tracy.

I'll let my readers determine for themselves if Tracy is an unusual creature or just one of millions, who just simply think that their shit don't stink because they have so much MORE then the people they mock and ridicule.
Well Tracy my dear, I'm afraid I can smell you from Canada.
Your shit stinks young lady.

Wise up Tracy.
You're nothing special in the grand scheme of things.
The Ateo people are MUCH more beautiful than you.
And they did not deserve your vitriol.

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