09 January 2009

My Weekly Round Up

thanks for this papa, it made me smile


Wow, what a week it's been in blog world.
Firecrackers all over the show!
To say I'm happy would be an huge understatement.
Professional Heckler's on fire.
And Victorina is a stellar and shiny example of a blog under control.
The new editor is doing a mighty fine job.
And having Amiel as a special contributor is wonderful.
Now a few people do the job that he did on his own for quite some time.
And the blog is bigger and better than ever!
Amiel really is a star.
He created the best blog for these times.

I'm still a loner.


Tim Yap.
The poor man(debatable) can't catch a break.
His club is doomed.
The ridiculous King of Party-DUMB 'Eventologist' has become the Court Jester of Drug Culture 'Fraudology'.

I see clearly now, that having delicately negotiated the
cyber-land mines over the past year was well worth it.

The blog scene is diverse and textured now.
More than ever before.
NO longer led astray by too many dresses and makeup!
Soap flakes?
I hope so for the sake of the next generation.
I'd like to see some of the greed replaced with common sense and a more meaningful purpose in life.
One does not have to devote themselves to charity 24/7.
Just five times a year is good.
Charity starts at home.

I'm tired of people flogging their shockingly expensive shoes and hand bags and first class this and that to people who can only dream of having/owning these things. Stop promoting your own good/GREAT fortunes and start promoting real change so others can stop salivating over their 50/50 blends while gawking at your new 'purse'.

One of them even hawks some old tired failed Italian rubbish and foists it upon poor unsuspecting lemmings(her questionable readership).
Let's get grounded shall we.
In reality.
Stop the madness with these fashion blogs.
Balance is needed.

My lessons learned are lessons shared.
Pay it forward if you will.
Parameters ARE being established everywhere I look.
The once common brutish resistance has been replaced with an almost comradeship sense of support.
Support for a new idea.
A movement.
Total and absolute diversification in the media.
A platform available for any voice and any person who is brave enough to rub up against the grain and write about their feelings and thoughts.

The opinions of others help keep the world spinning.
A grand collective is a powerful thing.
Its moved mountains in the past.
Let's move another one shall we?
Blogs may even effect REAL change one day.
If it hasn't already started.
2008 was all about the blog.

Kitty Go has written a fantastic follow up to Boldstars latest article over at Victorina. Read them both. Totally worth it!

(I must say Kitts, your blog gets more BRILLIANT with every new entry.
I've watched it grow and grow and you've found your place in blogworld and it's most secure dear.
You know I love you and your writing style.
So informative and very clever sharp and witty.
You encourage me to learn more Tagalo so I can read your little sub texts.)

The network is growing.
It's strengthening.
It's indisputable.


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