08 January 2009

Murder at Fontana Leisure Park?

Dear Readers,

When I was in Thunder Bay for Christmas, a girl from town was found hanging at Fontana Leisure Park - Water Amusement Park
(Freeport Zone, Clark, Pampanga, Philippines).

Now I think she was murdered of course, well because..... you know.
Read the articles provided and you tell me.
I smell a rat.
From here.

Now this HUGE news was splashed everywhere in Thunder Bay because people from my home town aren't usually murdered overseas.

At this point I should mention that my dear cousin Kevin was also murdered last year.
In Thunder Bay.
So I'm not for one second suggesting this happens only in the Philippines.
But the town was in shock.

25-year-old Elisa Loyo Gutierrez is seen in this undated family handout photo.

But I know this girl was murdered.
I feel it.
I hope they find the murderous culprits.
The poor girl was planning a trip home on January8th.
Now she's being poked and prodded in an investigation.
Parents frantic for the truth.
Any truth will do at this point.

My cousin Kevin was brutally murdered last year by his partners ex boyfriend.
He was shot with a gun.
More than once.
He left behind children.
I spent time with his mother and siblings (my dear auntie and cousins) over my break.
Having a murder in the family is shocking.
I was in shock when mummy told me. I could not believe it.
The blog had just started.

I spent Christmas day with them.
Wow, to see how they've coped.
Family is so important.
It was amazing.
And so was dinner.
I applaud them.

At least this poor girl who was working (and found dead, which took THREE days) at Fontana Leisure Park had no children.
Her poor family.
All over some stolen meat.

Canadian woman found hanged in the Philippines
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Family doubts Canadians death in Philippines was suicide
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