13 January 2009

The Big Gay Kiss-As The World Turns


finally happened.
As The World Turns bit the bullet(as it were, hehehe).
American daytime TV has totally embraced a gay story line between two men.
It's the first time a gay relationship has lasted this long on television (sounds true to life to me, hahaha), and the story line has developed slowly, starting with a hug and ending up with the two leads 'doing it'.

The Luke and Noah characters (who have been re named 'Nuke') are not only attractive and young (a must for American soap leads these days), but they're also very true to life considering it's a television show.
I've never watched these types of shows before and I'm not about to start.
But I did my research. And Luke and Noah are one sizzling hot couple.

I'm thrilled this particular conversation has not only begun, but due to the chattering classes in America being so agog, the normalcy of it will soon take hold. As it should.
More gay relationships on daytime tv?
Bring it on.
People love it. It's so obvious.
And some are being turned on a bit, one might add.
The ratings are HUGE whenever there is a gay kiss on this show, and when they promoted the BIG bedroom scene, power stations worked overtime for an hour.

People aren't afraid.
They're utterly fascinated.
I don't blame them.
So am I.

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