28 January 2009

Facebook 101

Taking a break from shoveling snow today. UHG!


I had to share this Facebook exchange between me and a friend. I laughed so hard, I nearly choked. Thank you Alfred for being so sharp and witty. Thank you for 'getting it'. I can laugh about it now, thanks to people like you. I feel great.
The last line really did make me smile.
I'm working on a special Facebook entry which is going to be a BLAST!!!!
I have nearly 3000 Facebook friends which FREAKS me out.
367 people poke me. I used to poke back almost everyday, but now I do it once a week.
I LOVE being poked.
But I also LOVE poking.

This was dear Alfred's Status-
Alfred is having banana bread and spanish bread with sarsi as throat pusher

Bry Shane at 3:47am January 28
I LOVE sarsi
Alfred at 3:54am January 28
me too! after so many years, I'm tasting it! and lovin it! (^_^)
Bry Shane at 4:04am January 28
I can buy it in Canada at a special filipino shop.
The best! it's like our root beer.
Alfred at 4:14am January 28
you're lucky! ahahahaha!
I bought mine for 9 pesos! (*_*)
Erick at 4:16am January 28
i love sarsi rather than mugs'
Alfred at 4:21am January 28
it's cheaper and you can buy it from your favorite sari-sari store! (^_^)
Bry Shane at 11:12am January 28
NINE pesos??? Holy shit! It's TWO DOLLARS HERE!!! 90 Pesos!!!!!! UHG.
Alfred at 6:41pm January 28
OMFGosh! That's so expensive, Bry! You've been duped once again! ahahahaha! Joke! (^_^)
Bry Shane at 7:25pm January 28
Bawawawawawawawa. OMG. SOOOOOO funny. I love you for sure now. hahahahahaha.CLASSIC!!!!!!

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