28 January 2009

First GAY Prime Minister?

Lipstick Lesbian, Johanna Sigurdardottir


Finally the world will have it's first GAY Prime Minister. YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

The sad thing is, she will be inheriting a country in a total mess. No money, no hope. At the moment a bleak spread sheet to take control of. But as we know, lesbians are famous for taking control and turning things around. I hope she can.

Joahanna Sigurdardottir who is currently Iceland's Social Affairs Minister is soon (we hope and pray) to become the interim PM.

The poor country is in a mess, having declared bankruptcy not long ago. I mean, the country is B.R.O.K.E. If elected, she will be the first ever gay head of state.(well, the first openly gay head of state, hahaha)

It's a great day for Gays and Lesbians all over the world.

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