12 January 2009

Korina Sanchez on DRUGS

a bag of ecstasy pills seized from a club

Embassy Super Club, drug haven for dealers

Korina Sanchez examines the drug culture at Embassy

Dear Brian,

I just got up from watching Korina Sanchez today aired on ANC.

Finally the focus is being pointed to that dreaded club at The Fort. The One and Only Embassy Club and she kept on pointing out to the PDEA agents to focus on the "BIG NAMES" regarding the distribution and sale of Ecstasy inside Embassy Super Club.

"She emphasized that the agency if they allegedly know about the rampant illegal sale and the involvement of prominent personalities in the illegal activities, then why cant they bring them in?"

I'm really happy about the call for action aired in this particular Korina Sanchez show, especially the aim to go after these menaces to society caped in influence and power!

At the end she blurted out a statement directed to the PDEA on which I couldn't agree more.

"The public would only be convinced if we see the big names brought in. WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT!"

"Oh boy we would really love to see that and when it does I vow to volunteer my legal services for free to prosecute these animals as well as many of my Companeros and Companeras in the profession as our minor contribution in helping clean our society from the cancer that has griped us for so many years".

I also would like to thank you for your unwavering stand to expose these scoundrels and for showing many of us that we should not fear these people but rather they should be the ones to be afraid!

Thank you for bringing us all together Brian!

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