12 January 2009

Langit Wife Accused of Money Laundering

Esther Langit, accused of fraud by deception and money laundering

Rey Langit from DWIZ with Jay Sonza and Daniel M. Isla.


(Part one)


I've been a long reader of your blog. I've just visited quietly, quietly agreeing to your comments, and quietly adoring your bravery. Most of all, quietly relating to your cause.

I'm here to tell a story of mine involving the rich and powerful - Mr. Rey Langit. Now I don't know if you're aware of him, but he's a TV personality here in the Philippines. He actually is some kind of "crime fighter" here.

He goes around doing exposes when he should be doing some on himself.
Or rather, his wife.

His wife, Esther Langit LAUNDERED MONEY FROM MY FAMILY. She borrowed millions from my mom, promising to pay her back, spent it all in the casino, then hiding from my mom when it was time to pay the dues. We are facing great financial struggles because of this, even I was forced to finish my studies. All this because this woman REFUSES to pay her debt.

Here are some more info about Mrs. Langit.

- She borrowed more than 3 million pesos from my mother. She claims she used a million for her brokerage, and the rest was spent away in gambling and paying for customs.

- Mrs. Langit and my mom's transaction started in 2003.

- My mom says she is not the only one this woman has estafa'd. She has a friend that claims Langit still owes him 450,000 pesos.

- We can't sue her because one, we don't have the finances to back it up. And two, we believe that if we try to sue her, she'll just fly to America and hide from us forever.

The worst part in all of this? Rey Langit knows about the situation and refuses to acknowledge it. He knows his wife has a HUGE DEBT. But he chooses to ignore this.

I can relate to you because of what DJ did. That's why I'm writing to you to share my story. I've tried to write and ask help from different media companies, but I haven't heard from anyone. Maybe because Rey
Langit is a pillar in media. But this has to be dealt with.

Reading your blog and fight for your beliefs made me realize that maybe I could do something like that. Ultimately, your blog taught me that someday we can recover. But I cannot tolerate Rey Langit ignoring me and my family's plight.

I cannot allow my family to go down like this.
Thank you so much for reading my mail. I'm a big fan of yours, and send you all the love."

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