06 January 2009

Victorina's Magic Spell

today's screen shot of Victorina blog.

Dear Readers,

There are a plethora of changes happening at Victorina blog.
It really is the thinking persons blog.
It's impressive to say the least.
Check out the changes. (link on Social Activism list).

You MUST read Amiel's special note.

And his most recent article (published today) called '
An "ecstatic" LIFESTYLE of media' is bang on the money.
So many thoughtful articles are coming up.
Amiel is so 'in' 'cred' 'able' and the words he has chosen to sum up the Gucci Gang are perfect.
And Andro's latest article on
The Metro Manila Film Festival 2008 is GREAT!

Coming up
...... A KILLER article by Boldstar called 'A Society in Crisis
' featuring Bryan Boy, Chuvaness and Shoppingera Mabuhay Girl.

Wait for it.

saying goodbye to my adorable cousins...tears

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