30 March 2009

The Abominable VICKY ZUBIRI‏

Wonky Eye's #2 The Abominable VICKY ZUBIRI‏
Vicky Zubiri works her staff to the bone 24/7!


Oh this is sweeter than my daily buko juice on Boracay.

One of my all time favorite 'wilted' socialites
on the Manila HIGH Society 'scene' is up to her OLD tricks again......no NOT Miss. Maurice Arache (although I hear dear old Momo is nearly finished with his Eva Peron-esque embalming procedures at Belo's salon/butcher which should keep him around for another 100 years)

As the mother of her perennially 'clever' and handsome off-spring Miguel Zubiri (... Migs will help us...) and the LOLA to her dear beloved grand kiddies...... Vicky never fails to create a scene with her outrageous
champagne induced antics and her breathtaking attempts to remain relevant when the youth and vigour from the others around her have already left her for dead.

I though Vicky was DYING?
Vicky, you are still alive dear?
What's up with that Bubbles?
Vicky.... you told people you were DYING.....

It's a miracle!

The tragic Vicky Zubiri has been caught doing what rich people do....
Treating her staff abominably!

Vicky was seen (by Grace Lee no less!) at The Establishment with her Yaya.

Grace Lee eyed Vicky from HEAD TO TOE because apparently..... Vicki Zubiri's maid was kneeling down and cleaning her shoes at 1 AM!!


Dear Vicky,

Are you
sooo useless, you can't even wipe down your own shoes while visiting a nightclub?
Vicky, do you even know how
absolutely ridiculous it is to have your maid... IN A NIGHTCLUB, on hand to wash your shoes?

You are one spoiled rotten crazy old lady.....

AND have a listen to THIS!

Mojo and Grace on Boyet Fajardo and Chip Tsao

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