31 March 2009

Too Little Too Late Senator

Chip Tsao, current public enemy #1

Overseas Filipinos sent back $14.4 billion in remittances to the Philippines in 2007, up from the $13 billion in 2006.
The Philippines has estimated an inflow of $15.9 billion worth of remittances in 2008.

Dear Readers,

This comment was left for me on
Victorina, but I'll address it here.

Dear Mr. Gorrell,

Isn't Migz Zubiri the cousin
(nephew actually) of anti-OFW Malou Fernandez?
Why is he acting like a hero all of a sudden?
Shouldn't he discipline his FAT cousin first?

"Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri on Monday said he would file a resolution calling on the Department of Foreign Affairs to file a diplomatic protest against a Hong Kong columnist who he said should apologize for a racial slur against overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)."

Senator Migs Zubiri


I think I've written about the Senator and Malu and the entire Zubiri family enough on this blog, but what the hell.... one more time won't hurt.

I'm always amazed at how quickly 'certain' politicians rally to a cause when it has only one possible side for them to rah rah sis boom bah on.

Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri is just one of many we see this week 'jockeying' for a position around this 'plus plus win win' discussion on Chip Tsao and the appalling things he wrote as a columnist.....
There is no other option for these egocentrically driven power mongers other then to grab a bit of spotlight when it's pointed in their general direction. I can just see their out stretched necks straining for the light from here.
Everyone wants a piece of this Chip Tsao debate, because well, it's not even a debate.

It's hate hate hate directed accordingly at this ignorant Chinese writer/journalist Chip Tsao who has obviously enraged many with his off color remarks about the most precious commodity in the Philippines.


Migs Zubiri is one of these 'enraged' politicians.

Miguel flip flops more than a gasping trout in a canoe.

And let's face it, this is a
GREAT opportunity to help make 'go away' the sins of his Aunt Malu who is one of the biggest embarrassments to the Philippines and it's OFW population.

And remember folks, Malu could not have cared one iota about the outrage her article caused last year and her tepid indignant response was equally hostile and completely indifferent to the lives and concerns and the reality of OFW's and the trials and tribulations they incur while doing what is required of them. I did NOT hear the Senator then....so I am shocked to hear him now being so very vocal on the dramz.

remember this little gem from Malu-

By Malu Fernandez

The offensive article by Malu Fernandez

As all of you know I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in the Mediterranean. To cut on some costs for this impromptu vacation I was forced to fly economy class which I absolutely do not wish on my worst enemy. I was, however, encouraged by my travel agent to try out Emirates since it won the best economy class, so with great trepidation I flew on Emirates via Dubai, completely forgetting that Dubai is the hub for all the Filipino migrant workers. Call me whatever you like but when you are trapped in economy class that is filled to the brim with migrant workers the smell gets a little funky after nine hours of flying.

OFW's are the nations backbone Migs.
Honorable if you ask me.
Dignity personified.
Doing their bit for the country.
And Malu made fun of them and she pretty much got away with it.
In fact, it made her MORE powerful actually.
Your aunties wings were
NOT clipped with such a response from yourself even at the height of the matter.

Filipinos will never forget what Malu wrote.

But her nephew Migs would
love to forget and this is his big chance to make it right.
On Malu's behalf perhaps?

Let's look at his OUTRAGE closely and wonder together whether or not this is too little too late for dear handsome Migs.

Was it not in fact Malu Fernandez who not long ago 'smeared' the ENTIRE OFW community with her tirade against '
them'? I think we can all agree that what Malu wrote was VERY painful for some to read.
I personally thought that Malu should have been denied food for three months as punishment.
Malu would get smaller, and 350 people would eat that otherwise would not have.

And of course we all know that Malu is the much loved sister of
Vicky Zubiri who herself has so many 'issue'....(this family is a real mess it turns out).
A opportunistic hot rich mess.
The amount of ex deals this family had accumulated over the years is mind blowing.
Vicky's entire existence revolves around what is given to her for simply being a Zubiri.
She hit the jackpot for sure when Miggsy got elected!
Shame about her wonky eyes though.
I do NOT understand why these socialites will not fix their eyes!

...But of course many people love Vicky because she gave us the very handsome Miguel who never seems to disappoint with his charming voice and his dashing good looks. He really is a good looking fella. And he knows it too!
Style but no substance is the usual catch cry when it comes to his overall performance as a Senator.

Migs, before you rally around this particular instance of OFW
slander, you should perhaps firstly address the comments your VERY own aunt Malu made with regards to OFW's because until now, you've failed to comment on them OR rebuke her.
Some may think this is an old issue, but we see now how these issues can just 'pop' up again and again and again.

My mother said to me once, "Son you can never escape the heartache you cause others.... without making proper amends first".

My mother is never wrong.

Mummy also says that the 'fruit' never falls far from the tree dear Migs.
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