01 April 2009

Blue Light Bummer

'Magic' Torches Ruin The Party


Police are shining 'magic torches' into clubbers' faces to check for tiny traces of cocaine – and now employers and parents are being encouraged to follow suit.

Forces across the country are buying the £40 torches which can make any microscopic particles of cocaine or amphetamine that are invisible to the naked eye appear bright green.

Officers say the UV lights work as well as ones costing ten times as much and make it easy to spot the tin­iest traces of cocaine on nasal hair.

But drug campaigners have suggested the UV lights could be unlawful.

Claudia Rubin, head of policy at drugs charity Release, said: 'Searching someones nostrils could amount to a cavity search and is a serious breach of individual privacy.

'This simple piece of equipment will have a big impact on drug use in pubs and clubs.

'Traces of cocaine are also left on the cheeks and chin that are not visible to the naked eye and these show up bright green, too. It really is amazing.'


Hahaha, OMG Embassy needs a crate of these magic lights.

(More pointless that a bag of square marbles.)

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