06 March 2009


Brown looking grim during court proceedings

Brown facing the judge today during his court appearance for battery

Chris Brown was officially charged today with, well beating the living daylights out of his girlfriend/fiance/bride(?) Rihanna. Brown was actually charged with assault likely to cause great bodily injury and making criminal threats. He really smacked Rihanna around leaving her screaming and nearly unconscious. WTF?

The young man once praised for his Michael Jackson-esque dance moves is described in a detective's affidavit as punching his girlfriend, biting her ear and trying to choke her until she nearly lost consciousness.

You could say I was in shock when the account was made public this afternoon.
I was on the treadmill when it first appeared on CNN and I could not look away.
Biting and scratching, punching and kicking?
A mouthful of blood which splattered all over her gown.
I mean, it's sooooo detailed.

It's so tragic.
Chris Brown was my favorite singer.
He'll go to jail.
No question.
As he should.

photos-Toronto Sun
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