06 March 2009

Can You Help?

Our Appeal for Compassion

Appeal for Compassion
MGen. Renato Miranda(ret)

Dear Readers,

Thank you soooo much to the
wonderful people who have already contributed to our Delia Miranda Cancer Therapy Fund. But we're not done yet I'm afraid. I'm appealing once again to my dear readers, to help this lady in need. I feel a special connection with her now, so please give if you can. The amount is irrelevant because every single peso helps relieve the agonizing stress away from her good husband. Thank you again to my readers who have given. You'll get straight into heaven, I'm sure.

From Amiel Aguilar Cabanlig (Victorina Blog)

It doesn't come much simpler than this. And although we are appealing to your compassion, we hope that your compassion comes from enlightenment and shared conviction.

Gen. Renato Miranda is man of steel. His military record is best manifested by the loyalty of his men. He is locked right now inside a small and cramped detention center for being on the side of truth and freedom. He is not complaining, as he knew that sacrifices like his are small compared to the cause.

But Gen. Miranda is fighting for a valuable life – that of his wife and mother of his children. Mrs. Delia Miranda is going through a very deadly battle with cancer. She is undergoing treatment which costs about P180,000 every three weeks. Her maintenance medicines and other costs of treatment amount to about twenty thousand per month.

Since the good general is in detention, he is helpless when it comes to raising funds for the medical costs of cancer treatment. He has appealed repeatedly to the Magdalo Party and the Philippine Government.

But his appeals were either ignored or rejected.

We are now appealing to all of us who believe in the cause of freedom. Gen. Miranda sacrificed his own freedom so that we may see the truth, as a result, he is powerless to help his cancer-stricken wife.

Any amount is appreciated. You can deposit your donation to Mrs. Delia Miranda's bank account:

Mrs. Delia G.Miranda
Real Branch
Calamba City

Account No. 3378500398
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