06 March 2009

Supreme Court Wrestles With Prop 8

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And this from the California Capital.

California's ban on Same-Sex Marriages got its day in court yesterday. Attorneys on both sides of the Prop 8 issue spent three hours giving oral arguments to the State Supreme Court in San Francisco.

The court is reviewing three lawsuits challenging the voter approved initiative that changed the state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

In their questioning of the legal teams, the justices asked if the public may have been confused about the ballot question last November.

But, Lead attorney for the "Yes on Prop 8" side, Ken Starr said the measure was clear and concise and he urged the court to allow the "vote of the people" to stand.

"Yes, we have to assume that this is before the voters and that the voters have informed themselves or otherwise we live in a nihilistic world," Starr said. "This is an issue that was widely discussed and debated by the polity."

Civil Rights Attorney Gloria Allred and others asked the court to overturn the same sex marriage ban. They said it was unfair for the majority to discriminate against a minority population of gays and lesbians. The court is expected to rule within 90 days.

There is nothing I believe in more then the rights for all people to marry the person they love regardless of their genders.

It's NOT a religious thing.

It's a human thing.

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