12 March 2009

Chika Forever Pt2

BB doing what he does best, kicking back being BryanBoy

Dear Readers,

Of course this post is causing some controversy on Victorina.
I expect nothing less.

This article originally appeared on Victorina Blog- 10 12 09
Part 2 of Who is Chikatime
Brian Gorrell


I ask you readers, in any battle, would you rather see your enemy charging towards you or have them sneak up behind you? A bullet in the back can really put a damper on your day, but if it's fired from the front, at least you have .15 seconds to make amends with your creator (which, in my case, is my mummy).
For sure.

Chikatime had a fully pumped magazine of high-powered bullets. And those bullets found their targets; that’s for sure. A whole bunch of debris was strewn everywhere as a result, and Manila’s high society was left like a action hero movie post blood bath and carnage. Chalk outlines, all over the show.

CSI: Chikatime. Bloody, and until now, unsolved.


Battles have been fought in the 'front line' for years. It makes sense and as a result, I see no reason why this should change.
You should be able to look at your enemy in the eye. Always. And this is why I am so against anonymous blogs and anonymous bloggers. I despise anon bloggers, especially those who are waging battles. They don’t fight fair and square.
It's pathetic, gutless. If you have the courage to write it, then you should have the courage to own it. Otherwise, you are as pathetic as the very people you are writing about. OWN IT or shut the computer off!

The Chikatime gossip site had no reason except to titillate and occupy the dark side of the Philippines lust for all things chika chika chika. The Philippines has a permanent Viagra boner for all things chika. And it's solid as a rock!

Guess who wrote it?

Bryanboy is Chikatime! No other than the baklang third world who is so gay he sweats glitters.

Look, Bryanboy was only filling the insatiable appetite for the dark side of revelation and explosive tittle tattle that Manila has. And it's not his fault some people were photographed snorting cocaine in the toilets of Embassy 'not so super club'. Someone obviously sent BB that picture and I too would have posted it, although you would KNOW who posted it in my case. I am unafraid to be known to my readers as I own everything I write.

"The poor have more time to gossip", a Filipina friend told me once. I almost died when she said this to me. "What a load of bloody rubbish" I told her. Chika is in our blood regardless of your income or social status of the country you live in. Chika is GLOBAL.

We are all Chikatime if you really want to be honest.

Sure Bryanboy is the creator Chikatime site, but we all fueled the site with our insatiable appetite for the gossip found there. Our mouse clicks made Chikatime popular. I always say, don't shoot the messenger... shoot the message. And BryanBoy had the only flute and he danced along the gossip trail with thousands of people following his tune. Some people never missed a single beat, checking Chikatime every ten minutes terrified or hoping they were going to be on it. Sadistic but true as I've spoken to many people who appeared on Chikatime. Not all of them are angry. Trust me.

BryanBoy was the Philippines very own Pied Piper, leading many thousands of people into the valley of rich dark secrets and tales of unbridled debauchery and ridiculousness. I believe that having the ability to defend yourself is most paramount in any battle (land or cyber) but in order to do the effectively, you have to have information on your opposition as this makes strategy easier depending on the accuracy of the information of course. You need to know who they (enemy) are, or what hope in hell do you have? If your enemy is invisible, you stand no chance.

Anonymity is afforded to those people who for some reason or another are reluctant to expose themselves in public due to rational and irrational concerns over their safety and privacy.Look, it's very simple. I truly believe as a blogger, that if you wrote, you have to own it, lock stock and barrel. I stand behind everything I've ever written on my blog and people know that.
And so should BryanBoy. The time has come for the real Chikatime to stand up and be acknowledged. Bryan Boy, stand up. Get a book deal mate! Turn this lemon into a lemonade stand. You are a very enterprising young fella.

If you are a blogger with a fair share of enemies, there are plenty of people behind you ready to plunge-in a bayonet. And yes some are even in front of you, wearing a smile and extending out for affection and reinforcement all the while retaining just enough dexterity and precision for the final blow between ribs three and four. These people wield the most jagged of all blades.

And BryanBoy should be man enough to accept ownership of Chikatime.

Part three to follow.
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