15 March 2009

Americas Next Top Insanity

One minute you're in line trying to become Americas next top model.
Then this happens.
It's amazing how people react and behave.

The casting call for the television show descended into chaos, with six women injured and three people arrested.

Thousands of aspiring models queued in short skirts and high heels outside the Park Central Hotel in Manhattan over the weekend, some waiting all night for a chance to compete in the latest round of the popular TV series.

As women stumbled over police barricades, witnesses told a local radio station that the mayhem was compounded after a man jumped out of a car and started grabbing purses.

After the stampede, shoes and clothing littered the street outside the hotel.

"The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two. I feared for my life," said Jennifer Brown, an aspiring model from Brooklyn.

"It was pretty scary," said Jessica Paravati, a prospective contestant who had camped out overnight in the queue.

New York police said two women and a man were arrested on charges of inciting a riot and disorderly conduct.

At least six women needed medical attention after being crushed or fainting due to lack of food.

Some would-be contestants blamed poor organisation of the event.

Women were unable to go off to leave to get food or use the lavatory without losing their place in the queue.

Most of the women were still queuing when police told them that the auditions were over and that the organisers had already packed up and gone home.

-telegraph uk
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