16 March 2009

Niagara Calling

Niagara Falls are truly amazing to behold.

Dear Readers,

I woke up this morning
(1030 hehe) to the weirdest vibrating sensation underneath me.
Due to the fact that I sleep alone, this came as a surprise.
I fell asleep last night heavy and somehow my mobile phone got lodged between the bed and my backside.
My phone is
never more then twenty inches from my body at any given time but this was ridiculous I thought. My butt cheek was vibrating.
I fall asleep holding my phone and most of the time I wake up holding it which is a terrible habit I picked up on Boracay. But sometimes it gets lost in my sheets and today it got lost up my ass.
Like I said, my phone is never far from me.
In case my boyfriend calls or texts.

Because NOTHING puts me in a bigger funk than missing one of his precious calls.
Very few people have my number.
About ten people and that's how I like it.
People reach me through my facebook and that's also how I like it.

After letting the phone vibrate a few times I answered and jumped to my feet.
It was my best girl on the phone inviting me to join a family trip to Niagara Falls. I didn't have to think twice because I could see the day was going to be a perfect dazzler as soon as I peered out the window and saw nothing but crystal blue sky. I stepped out on the balcony to find the air more than adequate for a quick trip to the falls so I said "SURE babe!"
Anyone who has been to Niagara Falls knows that weather plays a very important part of your visit. Miserable weather equals a miserable trip but today was the exact opposite of miserable. It was perfecto!

I hopped out of bed and bolted for the shower to have the fastest wash and shave of my life. I prepared in about three minutes flat and that included my eye gel application, wrinkle serum for my forehead and a toner for my neck nose and chin. And a spot of calming lavender oil on my wrists(it's girly but it really works for me) This little twenty year long routine of mine has paid great dividends because my skin looks fantastic for 39! I brush my gob in the shower so I like to think that's my multi tasking done for the day. After dressing rapid fire, I flew out the door.

I still had to dash to Starbucks before hopping on the streetcar. I absolutely cannot start my day without my life blood/coffee. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, the first thing I asked the doctor was "Do I have to stop drinking coffee?" Giving up chocolate was easy but coffee? No way!
I only have one coffee a day
(Venti quad shot with breve creme milk, extra hot, light foam with a caramel swirl on top...pretty gay right?), but a day without it is unimaginable. Even on a good day.

Spending time with my favorite people is always on the top of my 'things to do more often' list.
When my best girl came to visit the farm in Australia we drove the breathtaking coast for thousands of kilometers in my poor long suffering Range Rover. We beat the shit out of that poor truck but we always ended up safe and sound at our destination. I'd like to think I'm an excellent driver because I talk a lot and keep everyone awake and alert. But they would probably say I never shut up. It's true.

My first of two frosty lunch beers.
Stella of course!

As a family we talked and we laughed all the while taking heaps of pictures.
I actually had a full day planned today before the vibrating wake up call.
As soon as I met up with the family, I canceled a doctors appointment and we were off!
What a great decision I made right off the mark this morning.
The falls were awesome and so was our drive.
I love my Filipino family.

I love a rainbow
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