17 April 2009

20 Million .......

Poor Ted Failon.

He's in quite the pickle.
His poor dead wife blew 20 million pesos before she was 'murdered' and confessed as much to him only an hour before her unfortunate death.
No gun powder residue was found on her.
Nor was any found on Ted.
I'm confident suicide will be ruled out.
So who killed his wife?

After confessing to Ted that she had blown the 20 million, he left the studio within minutes.... only to find her home dead from a gunshot wound.

I do not think Ted murdered his wife.
But I think he knows who did.
And whenever a 'crime' scene is hastily cleaned up... alarm bells ring.

My connection is claiming she knows there was an affair going on between Teds wife and a mystery 'person'.

WHY are entertainers always swept up in these dramas?
It's truly crazy.
20 million.

Remember that figure.
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