16 April 2009

Not St.Paulo and St. Gorio


Some people scam foreigners....... but one RICH Filipino and a long-time foreign resident in the Philippines (British) went one worse and scammed the poor children of payatas garbage dump!

Want to know more? You will.

At this point I'll only provide initials (I KNOW they love their initials and important family names and connections..especially JPD) ... JPD and CB, you know who you are and I have the evidence.

One of you is scared (terrified is more like it) of daddy the other the NBI so this is going to be juicy...

Watch this space because this is NOT David versus Goliath but the 'Brit' and David against poor children... and I have ALL the evidence including their checks which total 25 and their many nights out on the town with the Gucci Gang!

Thank you to my darling 'deeply' penetrated Manila spys..... yes they are everywhere peeps so watch out 'you' who exploit and steal what is not yours because those who steal from the poor are worse than Bernard Madoff I reckon ...at least he stole from the wealthy or at least people with some money while these low-lives stole from children who scavenge garbage to eat a meal a day!!!!!!!!

I got wind of this 'tip off' and I've worked hard with my source to nail down the specific facts. I've also collected all the information I need to blow the ugly off this scandal.

And trust me... THIS will be a scandal.

Drip drip drip CB /JPD because I’m coming for you and your congressional number plates.....(HELLO!!!)

......so tell me JPD... does your daddy know?

(I don't call it the Scandalppines for nothing)

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