14 April 2009

Helium Losing Altitude Fast

One of the 'kids' of Helium...Tara Trainwreck

The Helium Club The Helium Club remains to be firm and positive in showing the other light of the Nation's Capital City. We are VERY SORRY if we are not tackling Corruption, Terrorism and Poverty. Or the latest Global Economic Meltdown. Or that news article that you think is MORE PRACTICAL. Not because we don't acknowledge them. But because it is unfair for us when the World sees just that.

Tracy Leigh <span class=

Tracy Leigh Bumgarner at 2:40am April 14

The Helium Club

The Helium Club
at 2:41am April 14
With thriving hip cultures and the vibrant young lives we have here, it is the perfect time for this Show
to brave the odds and race against all the hypocrisy

that you..
the person beside you..
and that bloke 10 feet away from you..
can say about this Society.

We all can do so much better.

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Jon Bird

Jon Bird at 2:44am April 14
lets see it! I can't wait. I'll promote it on my radio show.

The Helium Club

The Helium Club
at 2:45am April 14
Yes indeed. WAWA for US that we are a
3rd World Country PERIOD.
Because we are NOT just that.

The Helium Club

The Helium Club at 2:45am April 14
Jon what's your station?

Lia <span class=

Lia Romualdez at 3:29am April 14
whens the drama coming out? this show looks interesting.

Jon Bird

Jon Bird at 3:34am April 14
WPPP 100.7 FM Athens GA

Dear Readers,

It was at this point on the thread that dear Rob deleted my next comment. Rob was thrilled that Jon Bird was going to promote the show... in Athens!

Rob, thinking The Helium Club was going 'global' responded with glee and joy that Greece would be watching his stupid bloody show about Tara Train wreck and her band of unattractive bosom buddies.

That is until I informed Rob that Athens GA is AMERICA and NOT Greece.
But he deleted my correction because I think I burst his bubble.
Sorry Rob.

Rob Real

Rob Real at 10:00am April 14
Don't pretend to be all knowing Bryan. An honest mistake is a forgivable mistake. With what happened to you, I think you're the dim-witted one.

No one has the obligation to know every part of the world. Do you?

<span class=

Bry Shane at 10:30am April 14
I do as a matter of fact Rob because I've traveled most of the globe. I know the difference between Athens Georgia and Athens Greece because I've been to both places AND I pay attention too! Rob, no person knows everything. But I do know one thing for sure.... I will be waiting for the first web episode of your show.

<span class=

Bry Shane at 10:37am April 14
PS Rob... the only mistake is this show ever seeing the light of day. I can assure you mate that this dismal project will fail because you have no support from blog world. No one cares about Tara Timebomb and the rest of her posse of spoiled rotten Prada loving annoying anomalies. And before you call me 'jealous' hahahaha, I HAVE PRADA!! But I never wear the crap! I prefer my 50% discounted Bench! Good luck with the first episode.

Rob Real

Rob Real at 11:51am April 14
Bryan, fyi, the show is not all about Prada. It's not even focusing on the high society. I suggest that you watch the first episode before you rant. Do not judge a show based on a trailer or on the people who's part of it.

As a person who allegedly knows a lot and who has been in almost 200 countries, you should know better. It's very dangerous to
... generalize, especially with people. As much as you say that you pay attention, obviously, you have not taken notice of the fact that there are innocent people who are being dragged into your tirades.

Although Voltaire believed that one should defend another's right of speech, still, it must be tempered with prudence and dignity. If you intend to slander one of the cast members, give her a chance to respond. And please in a proper forum, and not on a fan page. I rest my case.

<span class=

Bry Shane at 4:54pm April 14
Rob dear,

The only dangerous thing is this show which has NO purpose whatsoever other then to remind the masses of what they will NEVER have or even hope to have..but then ..I have watched the trailer Rob. YOU chose to leave the dumb ass Prada line in as well as the PRETENTIOUS bullshit that kept spewing from the 'casts' mouths.

YOU kept the Prada line in so what are people supposed to think Rob? That it's NOT about Prada and labels and a collective sense of entitlement.
Tirades Rob?
You have seen nothing yet.

Dear Rob, you have NO case to rest.

Tara Timebomb and the rest of the cast should spend their time and effort HELPING establish WORTHWHILE projects which ACTUALLY HELP people.

One thing I know for certain Rob, is you would be silly to get into a drawn out battle of words with me.


OMG, is this your feeble attempt to be intellectual?
I plan on watching the first webisode mate.
Trust me.

BTW dear, The Helium Club was also ripped apart on Magic89.9 today. Please find the podcast below.
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