24 April 2009


Please BOYCOTT this dump!

It's disgusting this policy, just disgusting

Binibini Gandanghari

Hi Brian,

I'm writing to you because I know you have a wider reach of the gay community in Manila. You are also very influential; a lot of people listen to you and heed your advice.

Could you please help spread the word that BB Gandanghari was refused entry to Aruba restaurant here in Manila last April 24 at around 11 pm?

BB Gandanghari, the transgender celebrity in the Philippines who was a former matinee idol, was turned down when she tried to enter the said restaurant simply because of her cross-gender appearance.

This is discrimination, and this is so foul!

This was not the first time Aruba did this to a transgender. They also refused entry to a famous transgender who is a TV comedian a few years ago. There was media coverage and Aruba apologized.

And now they're back in their old wicked ways.

I hope people teach this restaurant a lesson this time by boycotting it.
This is a good time to test gay power in the Philippines. We are a lot and we with full force we can effect change! Nobody can just let this be swept under the rug!

Thanks for your support. For links please search for BB Gandanghari's facebook profile or Sass Sassot's profile (she's a transgender who's a friend of BB and heads the STRAP - Society of Transgendered Association of the Philippines)

more power to you!

Dear readers,

Please visit BB's blog @ http://www.bbgandanghari.blogspot.com/

BB's Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594095731&ref=name#/profile.php?id=1272840258&ref=ts

BB looking gorgeous in her most recent Facebook profile picture
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