23 April 2009

Pageant Beauties Go Green

Pageant contestants being pageant contestants

I love this picture. So pretty.

Dear Readers,


from huffington post-

A beauty/environmental-friendly pageant?

Be still, our beating hearts!

Miss Philippines-Earth seeks the most beautiful and environmentally-friendly woman in the Philippines.

A convoy of electric vehicles bearing candidates for this year's Miss Philippines-Earth beauty pageant drove around Manila to encourage people to find ways for alternative sources of energy to reduce pollution as the Philippines join the rest of the world marking Earth Day.

Electric mass transit vehicles are slowly being introduced into Manila's streets as an alternative to the heavily smoke-emitting "Jeepneys" or modified jeeps which rely solely on diesel fuels.

Huff link- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/22/miss-philippines-contesta_n_189950.html

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