07 April 2009

The Helium/Rubbish Club

Hi Brian!

Glad to see everything is going well for you! Congratulations on Pure Advocacy, I can definitely see it going a long way and helping countless people!

I thought I would inform you about a soon-to-launch Web series called The
Helium Club.
This group has become quite popular on
Basically, its a Filipino version of MTV's Laguna Beach
sans the good looks and proper grammar.
The group aims to glorify lavish nights out over charity, Prada over the poor.

Aside from the shows lousy scenes and the trying-hard attitude of all involved, this show is WAY out of context to take place in a country where over half of the population live off less than 5$ a day.

The audacity to put up a show like this in a country like the Philippines is absurd. I have absolutely nothing against the responsible wealthy people in this country, but its shows like this that really put the country to shame.

(click link)

Once again thanks Brian!

The Helium Club 2009 Ad Campaign Photo
shot by Niccolo Cosme

Dear Readers,

Please go to the Facebook link above and read for yourselves how completely idiotic this stupid load of rubbish is.
My eyes were burning when I read the 'manifesto'!
WHO are these people who blame the 'international media' for all of the Philippines woes.... WTF?
Philippines has only the Philippines to blame..NOT the international media.

Helium Club?

Honestly, is THIS the future?

THIS from a GORGEOUS reader,

I saw a clip @ their "Fan site " @ FB:

this is yet another WANNABE Gossip Girl type of show.. but i call it : SUS MARYOSEP GELS!!! or "THE BRAT & BRAND WHORES FREAK SHOW!! lol

Did they( cast & crew) take inhale Helium that it affected their braincells??? hahahahahah

Disgusting! and they claim it's a Pinoy show, I haven't heard them speak Tagalog at all... They sounded like pretentious twangs from chang's @ SG!!

hello?? they claim it's a reality show??? hahaha they should have their own REALITY CHECK!

My dear kids, future of la Filipinas....GET REAL!!!

Instead doing this oh so LAME and STUPID show, why not do more meaningful events that could HELP and/or INSPIRE the less fortunate ppl in our country. Why not start with an ANTI-DRUG campaign at public schools


Instead going on your fav "cool place" on a weekend, spend some time at the slums, teaching kids to read or projects that would help them elevate thier lives and/or just to let them stay away from criminal acts:D

Trust me.. it will even give you a natural high and great inner satisfaction/peace that you have been longing for :D

Bry, my luv, thanks for posting this... more more more!

ok nuff of this... time for this Belle to do her own reality check(wa) LOL

Bon soir from the city of lights!


Parisian Belle

****** I LOVE Parisian Belle!*******

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