07 April 2009

It's Johnonymous!


I'm happy today for a hundred reasons.
I had a haircut which looks great for once.
My fierce gym regime is paying dividends and now it all seems worth it.
I'm ripped baby!

I'm traveling this week which is long overdue.
.....I swear I look thirty, hehehe.
And my skin is in tip top condition.
What more could a guy ask for?
Young looking with great skin!

So very very happy.....

Whenever a new blog begins it's journey, I feel great!
I know how exciting it can be.
People want REAL life blogs, with REAL life stories attached to them.
Insider blogs.

I love people who are NOT afraid to talk about their experiences throughout life.
Good and bad... and the downright ugly.
Blogs are after all... a diary of sorts.
We all have the right to have one.
Freedom of speech.
And I'm prepared to do anything to protect my rights to have this blog.
As any good blogger should.

Johnonymous has started his own blog......some say
Many of you will recognize Johnonymous's moniker because he's had a steady presence around the traps for many months now. His opinions are always healthy and they contribute to any debate. He's sharp and full of promise!

His most recent article is called Dubai's Slumdogs and Millionaires and I enjoyed his links.
Check out Johnonymous!
Support up and coming bloggers at the beginning of their adventure...before they become hot.
Late comers are just that.
(link on blog left.)
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